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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Candy Pop B-side.. It's really cute Sana + Nayeon x2 & Jihyo + Mina chorus with lots of quirk

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  2. Not sure if it's posted already....but after infamous Knock knock is Likey.

    Mina's and Nayeon's vocals are on point as always!
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  3. I got this for you @RUNAWAY
    It's Jeongyeon instead of Jungyeon even though they are both correct, she prefers the first one

    Jihyo - Leader, Main Vocalist
    Nayeon - Lead(Main) Vocalist, Center, Face Of The Group
    Jeongyeon - Lead Vocalist
    Mina - Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
    Sana - Lead Dancer, Vocalist
    Momo - Main Dancer, Sub-Vocal/Rapper
    Tzuyu - Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae, Visual
    Dahyun - Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
    Chaeyoung - Main Rapper, Vocalist

  4. Not a cafe for Candy Pop.
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  6. Okay so I'm watching Sixteen and the brutality of it all. Actually found it a bit too cruel at times and am only episode 3.
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  7. They've won couple of Golden Disc Awards in Japan

    - Album Of The Year (#TWICE)
    - Song Of The Year by download (TT)
    - Best 3 Albums
    - New Artist Of The Year (Asia Division)
    - Best 3 New Artist
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  10. Their impact.
  11. Footy balls? On this site?
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  12. Is it bad I didn't realize it was an unreleased song? ddd
  13. I thought it was Like Ooh-Aah
  14. I posted it cause I knew it wasn’t released ddd
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  15. eck


  16. The people demand a Sana-heavy track.
  17. Don't hurt me. Don't hurt me.
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  18. I know this is sacrilege or whatever, but I find Sana so irritating...
    I'll see myself out...
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