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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. They really are churning out the mini albums. They’ll be onto their 14th mini album by Q2 2019.

  2. She's shaking the table.
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  3. This leftover Mina styling from Likey era.. But we'll take it. Others are boring cba to link all of them.

  4. LET MOMO HAVE LONG DARK HAIR AND NO BANGS. I also want a full on glam Jeongyeon
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  5. Though, I bet she looks adorable in glasses.... Now I have to wonder...
  6. Momo's hair is the best it's ever been. Her Utada wig is when she is most powerful (see: One More Time).
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  7. eck


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  8. Talent.
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  9. Queens of CFs.
  10. eck


    I am getting serious Girls Aloud Biology vibe from these teasers.
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  11. eck


  12. This mini needs to be talked about

    This is the one of their best b-sides

    Ho! is a real hoe anthem

    Dejavu is avant garde edm trash that not everyone will understand but thats okay

    Stuck is incredible because 60% of the song is Mina singing

    and Say Yes is cute token ballad
  13. Yes.

    Because the single, despite the stunning sapphic brilliance [Citation needed] of its video (mostly due to the eternally radiant Sana and not the relentlessly overworked lose-the-glasses-and-suddenly-she's-pretty cinematic idiocy) is... really a trite, predictible letdown. But that's on the Jypmaster and not the members (who crushed it anyway like they usually do.)

    Not like he even cares - the video slurped in more dreamy eyeballs than every single loona masterpiece ever made or even conceived in about a few short hours flat.

    So... yeah... i like the mini.
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  14. Idk if I'm the only one who hears the Scottish-music influence in Deja Vu.

    Solid album overall, probably their best one so far.
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  15. The girls had such a good energy and spontaneity in Music Bank in Chile.
    I believe it's interesting for them to interact with a different kind of crowd as well.
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  16. Time to practice ONCE!
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  17. Already learned it

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  18. I finally decided to give these girls a spin beyond Likey and... damn.


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  19. eck


    They had a bit of drama over the week because they were pretty bad singing live during an encore for a music chart show..

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