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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by squirrelfriend, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. What? Encore stages rarely who even tries to sing or sing seriously.
    They are having a banter and those that sang sounded pretty good. Queens of live singing, vocals, runs, high notes and breathing in the right key.

    In other news, Dahyun flew back to Korea looks like her sickness is more serious than thought. So they'll be promoting Wake Me Up as 8.

    Oh and What Is Love 11th win happened. They'll probably break TT's record of 13.
  2. Did they not watch Sixteen?
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  3. Them giving Stray Kids promo during their recent encore bits. We love generous queens!
  4. [​IMG]

    No one wants to break their records? They'll sure do it themselves.
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  5. Is it bad I like this more than Wake Me Up? dddd
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  6. Me talking about my fellow K-PJ hunties.
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  7. TWICE the story about Japan dominance.

  8. They're doing a cover of the Jackson 5's I Want You Back for a Japanese movie OST:
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  9. Mina making sure her Microphone is ON.
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  10. What is a break?
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  11. Wait, this tweet is confusingly worded. So are they doing another Japanese single even though Wake Me Up was just released in May? Or a Korean comeback even though What Is Love was just released in April? Both are so recent as to be completely ludicrous.
  12. Beach QUEENS. Summer officially starting when the single drops.

    It's Korean comeback, their first Japanese album is coming on Autumn along with Japanese arena tour.

  13. Here for their much better version of Party. Give me that lemon soju, tequila and mojito that I love.
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  14. I feel conflicted because I really want to defend SNSD but I also really want to never ever defend Party...
  15. Yuri looked great in the video.

    So there's that.
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  16. I wanna know whats the T on the JYP vs Naver beef

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  17. We literally set the bar on the ground and JYP still managed to mess it up...
    Dance the Night Away is iconic regardless...
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  18. I'm slain.
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  19. I like Dance the Night Away but Chillax should've been the title track. It's so good.
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