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Twin Peaks

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Killer BOB, ''the owls are not what they seem'', donuts, coffee, pie, the little man, Laura, Coop, the Log Lady

    Anyone else a fan of my favorite TV show?
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  2. Me! I'm a fan of everything David Lynch makes.

    (Except Dune. It's shit.)
  3. At least the first season.
  4. Even as a 30 year old man, Bob still scares the living daylights out of me.

    I've got Season 1 on DVD. Did they ever release Season 2?
  5. My favourite TV show ever. Watched an episode last night

    I've got Season 2 on DVD. They didn't release it in the UK but you can buy on eBay etc.
  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

  7. This show had some amazing women....Madchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn, Lara Flynn Boyle, made me a very happy teenage boy!
  8. moorje

    moorje Guest

    The final episode is genuinely terrifying. I've been able to cope without the season 2 boxset because I can't handle the unresolved season cliffhanger.
  9. Twin Peaks is sheer creative, obsess-over-able bliss. Cool, mysterious, maddening, hilarious, terrifying, popart GENIUS. Even the uneven, somewhat barking second season is something I wouldn't want to change a moment of.

    Also: strong contender for greatest TV theme ever.
  10. I know. It's a bit too devastating. I was depressed and kind of in a minor haze the day after I saw it, my mind could not conciliate it.
  11. Agreed- amazing show, amazing female characters. I wish it had continued, I needed more Audrey Horne in my life!!
  12. I was strictly a Donna boy!
  13. I wish Lara had reprised the role for Fire Walk with me!
  14. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I had a dream about Sherilyn Fenn last night!
  15. How bizarre I found this thread... was just listening to Julee Cruise - Falling about 10 minutes ago.
  16. UK SALE UPDATE: On the same day Season 2 comes out on DVD, they're also bringing out the Gold Box in the UK finally, so if you've never seen it (any curious visitors to the thread) it'll be your chance to get the whole damn thing.

    I'm now slightly miffed I broke down and imported it last year, since the PAL picture will probably be better than the US NTSC set.
  17. I'm bumping this thread because I have recently started to watch Twin Peaks. I don't know why it's taken me so long to watching it but it's absolutely amazing! I'm almost half way through season two and it's getting rather strange now. My favourite characters are Audrey, the log lady and the eye patch lady.
  18. This is one of my favourite tv shows. I have season one but I am holding off from getting the gold box set as I am hoping someone will get it me for my birthday.
  19. jtm


    I've seen the first season twice on DVD but never got around to buy the second one. I think the series is okay, but don't see it as the classic it supposedly is. That may be a 'you had to be there' when it first aired thing though.

    Also, I hate David Lynch and think Mulholland Drive is one of the biggest atrocities ever to be filmed.
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