Twin Peaks

Let's all just mourn Lara Flynn Boyle's face for a minute. She was gorgeous.

She really was stunning! I googled her after the first couple of episodes because I realised i haven't seen her in anything for a long time. My jaw dropped when I saw her now.


This show is my current obsession, I'm only a couple episodes into season 2, but I can't wait to see if the show really does spin out of control... I've heard it just becomes awful which I can't really conceive because the first season is so good.

Awful is too big of a word to describe it... let's just say a bit messy. You can notice that there was a lot pressure from the network to resolve certain things and with the ratings going down they obviously had to do a lot of compromises from Lynch's original vision.
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I need to bump this. I'm watching this for the first time and it really is a sort of master class on abstract/weird film art. My mom helped me so much by pointing out that everything is almost dream like, so when it gets strange you can just let it happen. Also, oh my god David Duchoveny is on this, instant amazing.
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The first fifteen episodes, leading up to the big reveal, are superb. Things really trail off after that, don't they?
Don't worry it picks up again towards the end. I have a twin peaks gold box set outer cover signed by Kyle Maclachlan. Kyle Fucking Maclachlan! I won it at the twin peaks uk festival.


Last week we ran a piece in which co-creator Mark Frost suggests, rather excitedly, that the prematurely axed ’90s sensation may get its third season after all these years (the “25 years later” thing working in its favour, too). Frost’s quotes, hinting that both the creative’s and network brass may be talking, aren’t the first indication that there’s still life left in the sleepy supernatural-stricken town though. Apparently quite a few cast members, including Catherine E.Coulson (“The Log Lady”), have been contacted about possibly reprising their roles from the spooky soap, should a revisit happen.

Robert Engels, the show’s EP and writer of Fire Walk With Me, told Moviehole that he’s taken a couple of calls in recent years from networks interested in possibly reigniting the Fire Walking-flame, bringing the show back in some shape or fashion.
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I finally finished the whole thing. The last episode of season two was utterly and literally amazing.Terrifying. Poor Cooper.
Glad to see there's lots of interest in this show! I kept hearing how great a series it was and it's on Netflix, so I figured why not give it a go. Brilliant! I'm past the point where the murderer is revealed in season 2. I find I'm not as invested as I was previous to when the mystery was still unsolved, but I figure I'll soldier on as there are still some pretty interesting things going on.
I finished the series tonight. That last episode was one of the most intense and strangest thing I've ever watched. I loved every minute of it! Now if only the show didn't end the way it did.