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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. oh my god I didn't think that it could be Dale Coopers mother!! You could be right. Theories are going around saying it could be Sarah Palmer as well since she was appently born in 1945.
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  2. NIN on my Twin Peaks!!!

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  3. Where tf is Audrey
  4. So do you think Doppelganger Dale will replace Dougie Jones when Dale returns fully formed again? If the Bob influence is out of him - if - then it could happen?
  5. This episode did confirm my feeling that Laura is way more involved in the White Lodge\Black Lodge thing.

    I wished (in general) Sarah Palmer had a bigger role in the TP storyline, Grace is so good and I always thought Mama Palmer had more to her! I hope it goes that way.

    The final segment of this episode was really unsettling, even if I am a bit scared that Lynch is putting way too much at stake, I trust him, the next 10 hours will be bonkers!

    And the "MOTHER" thing looks creepy as fuck
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  6. What's Mother? I must have missed that.
  7. Isnt Mother the thing that burped out Bob, and the thing that appeared in the box in the premiere?
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  8. I love that after the last couple of episodes, which I felt were becoming more and more conventionally watchable, Lynch serves us this. Unbelievable.
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  9. I really like this passage from The AV Club's review:
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  10. What an absolute pile of wank this is turning into. I love the original show, and this is not even related to it. It's like visual art terrorism. You should not need to take pain relief after watching a TV show. The latest episode was like watching a dial-up internet stream with impaired vision. He's just doing what the hell he wants and chucking the tiniest character cameos in as an excuse to pass it off as a new season of a much loved show.
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  11. See, if we discard your first sentence, the rest makes it sound pretty awesome actually?
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  12. What a mind bendingly, gloriously beautiful head fuck. At times I thought I wouldn't get through it, and got paranoid that Lynch was just taking the piss out of the viewers to see if we'd watch just anything. But piece by piece it got more and more satisfying. I defy anyone to come up with anything as interesting as that in this day and age.
  13. That was one of the most memorable hours of television. Ever.

    It was the first time I truly missed IMDB.

    Can you imagine the meltdowns?
  14. At first I was like what, then I was like what. Then it was like why are we seeing a full concert of Nine inch nails and then it was like oh so that's what's happening.

    Again if you view it as an 18 hour movie that was about 3% of the movie.

    Ironically the bit I didn't like was Nine inch nails.

    People have said that the original Twin Peaks was watered down Lynch where as the director of Showtime did state that this season was Lynch on heroin. Guess he was right.

    Also makes sense why Lynch wanted full control as that would never happened any other way.
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  15. I'm looking forward to this episode based on these reactions!

    I think there's no other way of looking at this show than as his Swansong. 18 hours of peak, pure, undiluted LYNCH? It's going to test even the strongest of viewers but this is almost certainly his last major work. And I welcome it. He revealed the power of film to me as a teen, and there's still no one else like him.
  16. My friend described the entire episode to me in detail (I hadn't seen it yet) and I was speechless. "An orb," he said, "with Laura Palmer's face." But he seemed so excited and animated about it all. "Explosions that went on for ages," he said, his eyes listlessly looking somewhere else. He also admitted that it wasn't bad, just bizarre. I've watched it. It's difficult to comprehend but - importantly - I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It pushed the boundaries of linear storytelling until everything snapped. I loved it. I couldn't watch it every week, but as part of an overall was glorious. The Prisoner's final episode was weird too. Has anyone seen it? That was back in the 60s. This gazumps it.
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  17. I'll tell you what. I've been an avid tv watcher since the Alias/24 early 00s days and this was by far the most exciting, mind fuckingest hour of TV I've seen. It's the first time TV approached the level of art that was up to now exclusive to feature films. AMAZING.
  18. It's certainly the most radical hour of television I can recall watching. I've watched a lot of television.
  19. I had to check my stream during that scene with the woodsmen outside the petrol station...
    I'm still not over it, and yes @Kirkland The Prisoner final episode is weird, but utterly joyous, where as there was little joy in this, but it is compelling.
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  20. Thank god I wasn't on drugs watching it.
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