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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. I just finished season one and didn't realize season two would be so many episodes. If the murder storyline has run its course and the rest of the show is mainly about the quirky vibe, I'm not sure I need to commit to it, plus The Return.

    Am I crazy? I'd appreciate some hints on the trajectory of the show (is there a payoff soon?) without spoilers, if that's possible. I like it -- it's just feeling a bit stale. Thanks, friends.
  2. Everything up to episode 14 is a gem. Revealing the killer.

    It then has a bit of a wobble for a few episodes then gets back on track as we learn more about the lodge and its inhabitants and the dark side of twin peaks.

    I adored the return but I understand why it had its haters.

    I would definitely say stick with it but then I do have the red room tattooed on my arm so I am slightly biased.
  3. The remaining episodes of season 2 do sort of wonder off a bit in what can sort of feel like an aimless or less vital tangent, but the finale is very much a course correction, and sets the stage for what would eventually become "The Return."

    For "The Return" don't expect anything akin to what you have seen with the show with the original 2 seasons however. Its weird as fuck, but if you can manage to stick it out, it's a pretty wild ride, though ultimately not everyones cup of tea.
  4. I really want to do a rewatch of The Return again but I really don't know if I have the headspace to take all of that on again - I mean that in the best way possible as I absolutely loved it.
  5. Same here.

    I loved that they aired each episode week-by-week for The Return. For me, this show is not a binge-type show. Especially The Return.

    But I crave to see it again (The Return). There were so many amazing parts, some disappointing, some transcendent.
  6. Absolutely! The week by week approach was perfect. You need the time to step away and process it. I definitely think that the first couple and last couple of episodes being paired was important but beyond that only being one a week worked.
  7. Here's a weird thing. I have never seen the last two episodes of the Return. I think it might have been the best TV series I ever saw, and I kept holding them back the end for a special occasion that never came. And then came a point where I started to feel like I didn't want to see them, because I didn't want it to end.

    I agree that the weekly installments were perfect: I don't think a show has ever had me so enthralled, but when each episode finished I felt like I needed another hour just to sit and reflect on what I'd just seen. If I'd been able to binge, I don't think I would have appreciated it nearly as much.

    I figure I'll watch the final two episodes one day, maybe if I'm hospitalised with a protracted illness and need a treat haha.
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  8. I thought the finale was, in retrospect, pretty devastating.
  9. Very much so. That last scene was so incredible.

    Interesting though to watch the series and not the last two episodes. I'd be so curious to see what you think when you finally watch it.

    It was quite bleak, actually.
  10. I want to watch The Return again too.

    I’m tempted to wait until I have time to watch all 18 episodes in one go.
  11. I think about the final two or three episodes on a fairly regular basis. It gave me every emotion and I still think there are even more layers to it that I haven't fully exposed.
  12. Sad news: Peggy Lipton has passed away at age 72.
  13. oh that is sad.
  14. My heart is so broken. What a good spirit she was.
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  15. So sad. She brought such a warmth to the screen.
  16. Peggy's character of Norma was the best. How sad. I didn't even know she was ill.
  17. She was as luminous on The Return as she was on the original run. A transcendentally beautiful woman. Rest in peace.
  18. So sad to hear the news, Norma was such a wonderful and beatiful character in Twin Peaks and Peggy really acted perfectly in that role, it's heartbreaking.
  19. Was just reading about her yesterday. Ugh, the day before Mother's Day in the US. Rest in peace.
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