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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Can't believe it. Such a stunning woman and I adored her on the show.
  2. How sad. I'm so glad The Return happened when it did and with such creative freedom. It wasn't for everybody but the rate at which so many of the cast have disappeared, I'm just grateful.
  3. After literal years of being aware of Twin Peaks’ mythology, reading about it, and having seen Fire Walk with Me but being nervous to watch the rest because I feared it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, the time felt right. I finally watched the entire saga and can say with full confidence that I love it as much as I expected to, if not more, and it’s definitely an all time favorite. I’m actually ashamed of myself for waiting so long to fully commit.
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  4. Oh wow, we are talking about seasons 1, 2 and 3 here? Because that is quite a journey to make, both in terms of quality (the post-murderer-reveal slump in season 2) as well as style (with things getting weirder from season 1 to season 2 to FWWM to season 3).
  5. I haven't seen season 3 yet and have started a rewatch before I get to it and to say I am worried about the second half of season 2 would be an understatement.
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  6. Oh, I misspoke - I have yet to watch the revival, apart from clips in some theory YouTube videos. I’m still honestly processing the original run + my recent rewatch of Fire Walk With Me.

    I vastly prefer season one for sure (what even was that Nadine storyline in the second season?), but the season two finale is also one of the finest episodes of the entire series so I’m conflicted.
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  7. I think about that last ever episode and that bizarre “origins of evil” episode in the final series almost all the time when this show is brought up.

    And I’m in the camp whereby I’ll never watch this show again, although I consider it one of my all time faves. I just don’t think I can sit through that entire experience again.

    RIP Peggy/Norma.
  8. More than anything, I adore the atmosphere of this show. The scenery is so beautiful that I lowkey would love to live in 1989 Twin Peaks (minus the evil spirits and murder obviously)
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  9. We got to watch episode 1,2 and 8 of the return at HomeMcr a few weeks back and what a rush.

    The first 2 of the return are very dear to me and I still get emotional at the end of the episodes.

    I used to watch Twin Peaks with my mum when I was young and sadly I'll never know if she enjoyed the return as she wasnt here to see it. Shadow completely hit me in the feels.

    As one of my favourite ever shows, the fact it came back and did what it did (and was shockingly overlooked by viewers and award ceremonies alike) was phenomenal.

    As I said earlier I understand why people may not like the return due to various reasons which I won't post as we have people about to watch for the first time but I for one am ecstatic it exists.

    Enjoy the watch @Andy French and @LPMA
  10. I first saw Twin Peaks, taping it off late night Friday runs off Sci-Fy Channel... then I got the season 1 DVD and watched it once... and loved it, then got terrified by a late night screening of Fire Walks...
    Then when the first two seasons got released on blu-ray, I devoured them all in time for The Return.

    What a fucking trip. I now need The Return on blu-eat so I can do a full rewatch. And I can’t wait, but I’m pencilling it in for Q1 next year.
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  11. Theres a full TV series box set due for release that will include series 1, 2 and the return.

    No Fire walk with me or missing pieces though.
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  12. Reading these new messages makes me want to watch to whole thing all over again. To own everything, I think 'The Entire Mystery' and 'The Return', both on bluray is the way to go.
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  13. The Return is the last time I felt excited about a television drama*. Remarkable TV.

    *obviously RHONY doesn't count.
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  14. I have yet to rewatch The return, but the series finale was one of those few moments that really left a mark for months, which rarely happens with TV series.

    It was very bleak, my only complain is that Sheryl Lee was a bit underused, she is really a stellar actress and her performance on FWWM is one my favourite acting performances ever, it's a shame It got critically panned at the time of its release, she deserved more recognition, she really made Laura Palmer incredible.

    @Andy French if you approach the return, highly suggest you to listen the audio book of Laura Palmer's diary read by Sheryl Lee, incredible work
  15. Twin Peaks: The Return had moments of real tension and fear, but the most terrifying scene isn't that child being killed in a hit and run or 'Gotta Light'. For me it's that scene of Laura Palmer screaming at the end. Oh, and the diner. Just the sign on the entrance. EAT AT JUDY'S. How did David Lynch make 'Judy' creepier than Bob with a sign and a bit of expository dialogue? The dread and tension! It freaked me out. Dale suddenly being someone named Richard too added to the sense of disorientation.
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  16. The final scene of The Return may just be the greatest moment ever... on film or television. I don't care if that comes off as hyperbole. It really was the absolutely perfect way to end the season (the series?).

    What I loved about it aside from
    Sheryl Lee's performance and that scream that came from the soul, was that Lynch was making a clear and utterly painful statement: that the effects of abuse can never be done away with. That even fucking with time lines was not going to help Laura or change the abuse. There's something pessimistic perhaps nihilistic about it, but it felt absolutely right. And the way that Lynch captured that in just that scream was so powerful, you knew exactly what Carrie/Laura was reacting to.

    I didn't love everything about the Return. There were parts that were frustrating and there were times that even I said "Okay, where is this going?" But I appreciated that Lynch didn't go for nostalgia and try to recapture the spirit of the original like many reboots have done (although I don't mind when they do try). That's not how Lynch works. Lynch usually works against expectations so I knew that going in.

    If you haven't seen The Return yet, you definitely need to see Fire Walk With Me. It's essential. Which is great because I adore that film and I'm glad that Lynch himself still thinks so highly of it considering how it was discarded in 1992.
  17. You think Jerry ever got out of the woods?
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  18. OMG I’m tempted to get this. Only 25,000 available.

  19. I may have popped a preorder in. I mean I don't need it really? But it's so pretty.
  20. There are rumours floating around that Showtime wants to bring back Twin Peaks...

    Fingers. Crossed.
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