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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.


    I need more Lynchian weirdness.
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  2. Whatever happens, I just need more Grace Zabriskie.
  3. Oh, and this showed up in my YouTube recommendations and I-

  4. The site that started this rumor has a history of making stories up. The Twin Peaks Reddit has already poo-pooed it.
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  5. Me hearing the rumour:


    Me ten seconds later reading @beautifulmorning’s post:

  6. Awww sad face. I still hope it will happen.

    I need to know what happened to Audrey...
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  7. This!

  8. I've seen this as well. That said, 2020 feels so soon and Lynch usually takes his time. I remember him saying that, if he had plans for another season, it wouldn't be coming until 2021 at the earliest.

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  9. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

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  11. So this is peak Twin Peaks fandom. I've heard a lot of good things about this video on another forum, though it's quite a time commitment. Can't wait to watch it as soon as I can.

  12. I'm tempted, but I won't watch it. Twin Peaks mysteries should remain unsolved.
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  13. There are more and more people coming out saying that season 4 is definitely happening... or could it be another Twin Peaks film? You never know.
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  14. I actually think a film would be better than another season at this point - partly because another season would be literally years away and we could potentially get a movie in say 18 months.
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  15. I've watched halfway and it is truly a commitment, I would say that I am quite sold on that theory, it is indeed extremely impressive and it makes sense, I do believe that are more layers to it and some interpretations feels a bit forced to me, but overall it's quite astonoshing to see such dedication, and it is a very, very, very interesting and valid point of view, quite stimulating. It saddens me to have come to the discovery that the reddit of Twin Peaks pretty much dragged him for it.

    I would love a new film/series, I would love to see something dwelving deeper in the Carrie Page mystery and of course Sarah Palmer, all of her scenes in season 3 were truly terrifying.
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  16. #Justice4Audrey
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  17. SockMonkey

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    I am ill and sofa bound so I just watched the entire 4 and a half hours in one go.

    Whilst it feels like there are a few reaches here and there, it’s a brilliant theory overall and makes a lot of sense.

    The validity of it would be pretty much deleted if there’s another season though.
  18. To me, the theory really holds up well when it comes to the first two seasons and the movie, but it does not hold up as well for the third season (for an instance, he completely dismisses the Tulpas to go on with his theory, which was a bit disappointing and felt a bit clunky), but I have to say that the Audrey theory was brilliant and very interesting.
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    Spoiler tagging because it’s more interesting to watch it yourself.

    It’s on the verge of hard to accept that The Return was in some ways a middle finger to not just the medium of television but to the viewers as well. I know there’s more layers to it than that but the people who really wanted the show back were not casual viewers looking for closure, they were the die hards who appreciated everything he did and his approach to it. So why make a full series to criticise the people who no longer cared?

    The Audrey situation, in this context, almost felt like a slap in the face for Sherilyn Fenn herself in some ways.

    As one YouTube commenter says, however, this entire thing is based on assuming Lynch felt so strongly about TV violence that he did alllll this just to make a point. The video says itself that Twin Peaks changed the way TV was made, it stopped a lot of quick fix closure programming and led to more in depth storytelling. Which does make you think “Why reiterate the point 25 years later?”

    But I’m still thinking about it all.
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  20. As you said, I think some of the finer points and some of the extreme reaches that are covered are probably not 100% accurate but the vague gist of the theory makes complete sense to me and sits really naturally on top of the overall personal understanding I've had of Twin Peaks since I saw it. I think in reality, no art piece that is collaborated on by so many people can be boiled down to one single message from one person (whether they are the director or not), but this is a great presentation of at least part of what drove the storytelling from Lynch's perspective. As is mentioned in the start, it does kinda just gloss over everything Mark Frost wrote in the two companion books which I think is a bit unfair. I would totally consider those canon. The beauty is that both canons can exist side by side - one is the canon of what happened to the characters in their world, the other is the canon of what all this represents on another level. My only point of contention is that:

    I always thought the owls were supposed to represent aliens asdjqwigjwiotgw

    But yeah, I also sat and watched entire video today and it was really worth it just for the amount of effort that went into it. It's hard to really argue against it when they've got it so locked down that they can even explain why a certain letter appears on a certain cup in a certain episode. It goes so far beyond the point of usual fan conspiracy that it becomes entirely believable dddd.

    And also, I really can't see the show coming back. Before this video came out I felt the same way - that cliffhanger, the loss of so many cast members, the fact it felt like it tied mostly everything up, how long it was in the making. I just don't see it... and I don't feel like I need to see it?
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