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Twin Peaks

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. I still think David Lynch got off very lightly with the overwhelmingly sexist caricature that was Agent Tammy.
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  2. SockMonkey

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    I’m still thinking about this damn (fine) video.

    I didn’t twig until today that The Return is all available on demand on Sky, so it gave me chance to rewatch Gotta Light?

    Something that struck me today was about the golden Laura Palmer sphere being sent down to America and how it uses the famous photo of her. If we go with the whole interpretation, I think there’s significance in the use of it. It’s not a symbol or a representation, it’s here’s the famous photo of Laura Palmer from the TV show Twin Peaks. It’s not here’s some good to combat evil, it’s here’s a TV show to try and change bad TV.

    I’d find it harder to believe there wasn’t significance in the use of it than it just being lazy use of the photo because they couldn’t think of anything else.
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  3. I'm totally with you - the photo is iconic and given that that particular episode is so heavy on imagery, there is no way that it wasn't used for that specific purpose. But that's what I was getting at before - that moment can exist in two canons at the same time. It's a "good" TV show to fight "bad" TV and within the context of the TV show narrative, it's also an egg of "good" energy to fight "bad" energy. Both are probably right on both levels, simultaneously.
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  4. You have a very interesting face will now become my go-to compliment. Thanks, Dave!
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  5. "You have a very interesting face" reminds me of this.

  6. 30 years old today!
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  7. Kyle Maclachlan is going to do a watch party as well.

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  8. Oh My Fucking GOD!!!
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  9. Made my day. Listen loud!!!

  10. 30 Years Ago,
    It Happened Again
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  13. The title just made me think of Desperate Housewives, which...I kinda wouldn't mind a Lynchian reading of that?
  14. Sheryl Lee was the voice of Mary Alice in the original pilot of Desperate Housewives, and it will never not break my heart it didn't go beyond that. (Kyle MacLachlan joining later was a bit of a kii though.)
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  15. I just burned through season 1 for the first time and it was incredible. I must say though keeping all the tall white men with short to medium length dark hair straight was impossible and I had to read several recaps ddd. Either way the season finale really sold me on why everyone thinks this show is so special. I'm excited to see the highs and lows of season 2 I've heard so much about.
  16. So I just watched Fire Walk With Me and I truly don’t get why it was panned? It’s like it shed all the fat of Twin Peaks that would make me tune out, kept the brilliant eeriness and let Sheryl Lee deliver one hell of a performance. I’m just gobsmacked.
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