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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by filmnoirish, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. So anyway without spoilers what did the dolls think of Season 3?

    Me in this thread

  2. I saw FWWM before I had seen any of the series. A late night BBC 2 showing, and when I say the last half scared the living daylights out of me... it's a horror masterpiece, and I feel it's reputation has grown and gotten so much better over time.
    I can also understand why it was panned, I mean S2 was barely a hit by it's end, and if people went in expecting the humour and often warmth in the series, and what they got was a harrowing detail of parental sex abuse and ultimate filicide...
    All this just makes me want to rewatch it, I must be mad.

    One of the best tv series of the 21st century. It proved that chewing gum you liked can come back in style.
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  3. Like @Andrew.L said, I think it was a mix of expectations not being met and the Twin Peaks "moment" had passed. It's kind of amazing how quickly Twin Peaks became a phenomenon in 1990 and then just totally lost steam by 1991. When it was discovered who killed Laura Palmer, it was like people completely lost interest in anything after that.

    I remember reading the Laura Palmer diary in 1990/early '91 for an English project (!) and it was pretty disturbing. So, when I heard they were making a prequel about Laura's death, I just knew it was going to be disturbing and grim.

    And the film is dark. So very dark. There's very little humour like the series had as already been said. But it's brilliant.

    The one thing I admire about Lynch is that he usurps expectations. Fire Walk with Me is still in the Twin Peak universe, but the tone is a lot darker. And season 3 is not just "let's-go-back-to-Twin-Peaks" comfort food. He really explored different ideas and themes.
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  4. I was beyond excited for Twin Peaks The Return and - to me, it's a mixed bag. There's stuff they did just right e.g. not going overboard with nostalgia but sticking with the decision to make it something new. When one isn't turned off completely during the first few eps, there really is some interesting stuff there and new mysteries and great payoffs in the last couple of eps. Also - as annoying as 'Dougie' is (mentioning the name should be relatively spoiler free), there was also something iconic and meta about testing the patience of the audience, that would die for a return to how they remembered Twin Peaks. What really put me off was any misogynist scene, imagery, plot line, character trait, there was; and there was more than enough, so that was really disappointing to me.

    Just don't expect it to be like the "old" Twin Peaks at all and report back what you think!
  5. Sheryl Lee in Fire Walk With Me is fantastic, such a good actress (the audiobook of her reading Laura Palmer's diary is a must!), FWWM is probably my favourite Lynch movie, definitely one of his best in my opinion.

    I liked Season 3, my only issue is that it does feel a bit too slow towards the center, I think had they condensed those parts it would have been better, those six last episodes are very good though
  6. I'd agree with season 3 being a mixed bag, but ultimately the payoff in the two final episodes is incredible.
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  7. I also think it helps to think of it as an 18 hour movie like lynch intended rather than as 18 episodes.

    My main 2 issues being that Dougie dragged on for about 3 episodes too much and I'd have loved a bit more of the Audrey storyline.
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  8. I have finished The Return and I truly feel like one of those cracked open heads. It truly paid off like a slot machine once Cooper returned and then in returning to the night Laura died it returned to the essence of the show, it was always better when what happened to Laura was a mystery and David got to end the show with that still a mystery.
  9. I miss this show so much.

    I might do another dive into The Return again. Something is pulling me back.

  10. One of my favorite sequences in any film ever. The longer that time passes where we don't get a music video for Guardian with Sky Ferreira recreating this playing both Laura and The Singer, the more agitated I get.
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  11. So after sitting with the finale for a few days I finally took the plunge with the 4 hour meta TV theory and I have to say I think I he really cracked the code. Viewing The Return through this lens really makes it a fabulous season of television, very ambitious and seemingly perfect honestly. The last episode can come off as a cliffhanger of sorts or brand new mystery but it's really the thesis of the season in action and Twin Perfect is right when he says this season is ultimately full of answers.

    I also think I picked up on a good deal of this without putting it together. The meta nature was also very tangible, with the idea of balance maybe being just a bit less obvious. The show within the show trope certainly feeds into this but I wanted to underscore a few things that stuck out to me that really clicked into place once watching for me.

    Maybe the first thing that made me take notice of how meta the show had gotten was David himself becoming a character. One that is literally yelling at the viewers and first appears in the very episode the network forced on him.

    The finale of Fire Walk With Me certainly had me think Laura was stuck in the lodge viewing the cosmic inevitability of her death through the TV. I think at that moment she knew she was just a character or pawn of sorts.


    Then there's the fact that Laura looks completely indifferent to her 25 years in the making salvation.


    Additionally Laura's scream in terror at seeing Cooper in the distance while taking to James in Fire Walk With Me may be her seeing him as a fate worse than death as his intrusion will cause her existence to lose the purpose she was given and he'll ultimately lead to her non-existence.

    Also I watched Eraserhead for the second time this week which is a work that came from him supposedly writing down the title and yet is a film in which everything that appears on the screen is a direct reference to the themes of the story. It really drove home to me how intentional the oddities of Twin Peaks were, I don't buy any scenes just being Lynchian for the sake of being Lynchian at this point.

    Anyway just some thoughts as I haven't been able to get this show out of my head for weeks now.
  12. I have to say I got chills when Laura's scream from Fire Walk With Me was factored into The Return.

  13. The Return was amazing but I can't help but feel it would hit harder if it was whittled down to around 13 episodes. I remember getting angry at just how meandering and self indulgent it was. That doesn't mean it wasn't pure genius at points, though. I'm very excited Lynch has a Netflix show lined up, I was so disappointed he hadn't done anything since Inland Empire (another epic that was equal parts frustrating and brilliant).
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  14. God I love this show so much
  15. I'm going to Seattle in two weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing Snoqualmie where they did the hotel exterior shots, waterfall, some other odds and ends, and of course the Welcome to Twin Peaks sign!
  16. OK so the R&R (real name Twede's) is so tiny! The show really made it seem huge.
  17. Did you have a cup of coffee and some cherry pie?
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  18. Did you seen any filming there as some articles popped up last week?

    Edit. My mistake its tomorrow.
  19. Filming notices were up everywhere in the downtown area, but nothing in particular was set up or mentioned that would give away what it was.

  20. I'm not convinced it Twin Peaks to be honest but with David filming for netflix it's hard not to get a glimmer of hope.
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