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TWINKIDS (Gay Japanese-American Chill-Pop Duo)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by LE0Night, May 28, 2018.

  1. I was on the edge of making this through the entire last half of 2017 but I never found the energy, pfff.

    But anyway. TWINKIDS (yes, that is a play on twink) are Matt Young and Gene Fukui, a queer-oriented light electro-pop duo distinguished by a regular knack for some unusually well constructed songs.

    Exhibit A: Overdressed. A whole bop.

    Is it crystal or plastic?


    Overdressed and underloved, it


    quivers, that bug in your lip, baby
    I love you deeply


    Second up, and probably my favourite of the lot: Body Wonder, which sounds like an A+ Fever Ray production, circa self titled.

    The EP they're both from (Boys Love) is well worth checking out too, Love Story in particular rather sounds like a modern Hikki tune (it's a cover of a 90's J-pop track, I think).

    And their most recent single, Jigoku Tengoku (Hell or Heaven), absolutely brilliant and hopefully preceding another EP in the not too distant future.

    Here's an interview with Billboard for the curious. They're Sailor Moon stans, go figure.


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  2. And if they turn out to be predatory twat-blisters too I never made this bye

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  3. I'm at least living for this please let them be beautiful secret gems
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  4. Not a whole powerballad help

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