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Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow (Third Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Apr 15, 2016.

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    “Gameshow” is the upcoming third studio album by Irish rock band Two Door Cinema Club. It’s expected to be released on digital retailers on October 14th via Parlophone Records and Warner Music Group.

    It comes preceded by the lead single “Are You Ready? (Wreck)”, which was premiered exclusively on BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record and released along the pre-order of the album on iTunes right after on June 14th.

    Standard Tracklist:
    1. Are We Ready? (Wreck)
    2. Bad Decisions
    3. Ordinary
    4. Gameshow
    5. Lavender
    6. Fever
    7. Invincible
    8. Good Morning
    9. Surgery
    10. Je viens de la
    Original Post:
    So I'm not sure if these guys have been discussed on here before but the indie pop trio (that pretty much soundtracked my school years) Two Door Cinema Club are back with a third album due out imminently. It will be their first new release since 2013's Changing Of The Seasons EP.

    Over the last week the band played three secret shows in Ireland under the pseudonym Tudor Cinema Club. They have also announced a huge number of international festival appearances including Glastonbury.

    The band also announced via Twitter early this month that the album is finished, which is glorious news given that they have been so secretive over the last couple of years.

    Body is ready. I love this band!
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  2. RJF


    I would prefer Friendly Fires' third album, but I'll take this in the meantime.
  3. Jam


    I love them so looking forward to this. (and yes, a valid point @RJF , Friendly Fires would also be very much appreciated).
  4. I've always like them, but I never properly got into them.

    They're partly responsible for this bop's existence, and for that I'm thankful.
  5. Exciting news. I love this band..

    Also RE: Friendly Fires, I don't want them to go back to the sound on their first album. They announced they would never make another album like Pala because it was too pop or something like that - which I thought was crazy.
  6. Pala was such a gorgeous album. The production and melodies were lush. Still listen to it regularly. Pining for the next album but I just hope they're able to pull it off.
  7. Let's just hope it's better than Beacon. Their debut is one of the most fun, addictive albums I've ever heard, but Beacon really drags. Though the first 6 tracks are still stellar. They have it in them, they just need focus.
  8. Beacon drags a little, its true. I think I can listen to all the songs on Beacon individually when they're on various playlists or on shuffle.. I cant sit through the album though..
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Two Door Cinema Club are brill, Tourist History in particular is a perfect album. I can't wait!
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  10. "The World Is Watching" still does things to me. Doesn't feel like four years ago, but it has been that long.
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  11. I loved Tourist History, didn't care for Beacon and at least liked the song Changing of The Seasons, so I am definitely looking forward to this.

  12. So here's the first single. The album is called Gameshow and will be out on October 14th.

    It's nice enough, though it didn't grab me too much. The shift in production style has me interested at least.
  13. I like it a bit, I don't care for the "Na na" part in the background though.
  14. RJF


    Meh. Can we just have Friendly Fires back like I requested?
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  15. The single's rather catchy but announcing an OCTOBER released album even before summer? What kind of reverse Beyoncé fuckery?
  16. RJF


    It's stupid. Bands like Two Door Cinema Club are just going to get devoured at that time of the year, and they really should be whoring out new material on the festival circuit with the album actually available.
  17. The new track is unremakable in every way imaginable. Not bad, just meh.
  18. New song "Talk" is an 80s disco bop. I like.
  19. It's decent enough, but in a world where Hot Chip exists it feels a bit... amateur.
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