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U.S. Girls - Heavy Light

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 4Roses, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Her previous album Half Free is a masterpiece.

    I haven't stopped playing this new one.
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  2. I actually wasn't a huge fan of Half Free. I bought it after loving "Window Shades", but the rest of the album didn't quite click with me, although it was not objectively bad. This one, however, feels solid, and I like almost every track. Aside from the obvious Ronnie Spector comparisons, some songs remind me so much of Kylie in an odd way.
  3. Yeah, her voice is eerily Kylie, in the best way possible. This album is a masterpiece.
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  4. Finally got around listening to this and it's simply incredible. Just the way it's constructed and the mix of influences on this is unlike anything I've ever heard, it's such a complex yet accessible album. Just wow.
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  5. This album is

    I feel like everyone else lined up on this year's release schedule can nip outside for a ciggie now. We'll be fine.
  6. The album is incredible. I should play it more often.
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  7. Such a shame this album won't reach the billions that it should. Genuinely a brilliant piece of work.
  8. Since no one brought this up i wondered what y'all think about Mad As Hell being about Barack Obama?
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  9. I don't know her name and I'm on my phone but that one British blonde lady with the glasses who was laughing and smirking gif is how I feel.

    I mean, it's not wrong and it's not a "so far left it becomes right" political moment and she said everything most of my circle feels so good for her. I feel like my music habits are stretching out to the point where I wouldn't have noticed this until best of season if you didn't mention this.
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  10. I like it quite a bit. Although I admire and miss the Obama's greatly no leader should be beyond reproach and her ability to write outside of the box is what I like about her music.
  11. Exactly this.

    Her writing and delivery sound so very early 90s and it's just the way she brings it that lures me in.
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  12. I'm obsessed with her. She sounds a little flat live but the live band is all kinds of AMAZING
  13. Just a little reminder that this is still one of the best albums of the year.
  14. We need a 4th of July listening party.

  15. 01 “4 American Dollars”
    02 “Overtime”
    03 “IOU”
    04 “Advice To Teenage Self”
    05 “State House (It’s A Man’s World)”
    06 “Born To Lose”
    07 “And Yet It Moves / Y Se Mueve”
    08 “The Most Hurtful Thing”
    09 “Denise, Don’t Wait”
    10 “Woodstock ‘99″
    11 “The Color Of Your Childhood Bedroom”
    12 “The Quiver To The Bomb”
    13 “Red Ford Radio”


    Apparently it's A Little More Personal (Raw).
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ooooh how great! Her last album is still fantastic.
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  17. Damn all these preorders, but I can't miss the limited splatter vinyl.
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