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U.S. Girls - In a Poem Unlimited (6th album)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by 4Roses, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. What kind of Shelly Duvall meets ABBA bop.
  2. New album In a Poem Unlimited is out 2/16.

    Her voice on "Mad As Hell" actually sounds like Kylie to my ears?

    Another new song "Velvet 4 Sale" was also posted today.

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  3. She's really exciting and her previous albums - noisy and abrasive - aren't far from my headphones.
  4. Wow. Every song released so far from this album has been fantastic. This is majestic and once again reminds me of indie Kylie.

  5. Half Free is one of my favourite albums of the last decade. I can't believe I didn't know a new one was coming so soon!
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  6. I...um...acquired the album yesterday so I need to take a listen!
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  7. This is the most obsessed I've become with an act in quite a bit.
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  8. "Navy & Cream" is still far and away my go-to tune from her, but good god, lately "Rosebud" has been gunning to compete.
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  9. I had her on my To Listen list for months and enjoyed what I heard but forgot about her until Sunday night randomly and I was so excited to find out she has a new album coming out this week! I'll start the grassroots campaign to get her in the Alt Girl 2018 Rate!
  10. It's only mid-February but screw it, I'm already calling it. Album of the year material.

    Meghan really did that with this album. LORD.
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  11. I'm listening now. She sounds like an odd mix of Kylie-Cathy Dennis-Paris Hilton
  12. I'm bopping.
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  13. I really like this record (and have been on board since the on KRAAK days) but just wanted to add to the chorus of mid-90s Kylie vocal comparisons. It's extremely evident on this album - I need to revisit all the previous ones again now to see if I can hear it there too!
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  14. Rage of the Plastics is so good.
  15. Late to the party but listened to this for the first time this morning, my body wasn't ready. Can anyone recommend where to begin with her older material?
  16. I'd like to know to or just start at the beginning?
  17. Yeahh but 6 albums worth, I just want the most accessible/similar to Poem to send me on my way. Just seen she's touring in May!
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