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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  2. *rubs hands*
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  3. Everyone knows Season 2 is when the good shit goes down.

    "On the next episode of Trump and Putin:Collusion..."
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  5. Coming soon 2018/2019 - hopefully sooner rather than later
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  6. Because the plot twist would just be too delicious!
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  7. http://freebeacon.com/politics/michael-moore-trump-55-percent-chance-winning-reelection/

    I'm... not sure how to feel about this. Mueller's investigation is heating up and with more tea being spilt then surely:

    1. Provided the Dems don't fuck it up again they could take back the House and Senate amidst all the backlash Trump is going to receive as Mueller reveals more bombshells. An impeachment under a Democratic House and Senate is almost a gurantee.
    2. Even if the Democrats would not be able to take back control of the House and Senate, there's been tea spilt that if the Tax Bill doesn't pass in the Senate (which is highly likely not to) it's going to cause the GOP to start throwing Trump under the bus as he hasn't been able to pass any of the legislation they wanted to pass this year and the Tax Bill is one of the most important ones that the GOP have been gagging on getting passed.
    The only way I could see Moore's prediction of Trump getting re elected then impeached is if:

    • Trump was able to fire Mueller through getting rid of Sessions - but that would cause a huge public backlash as it's the closest thing to an outright guilt admission) with no consequences faced as the GOP won't do shit
    • The Democrats don't get their shit together and the House stays in control of the Republicans who presumably would have still not taken any action against Trump regardless of what happens with the Tax Bill
    • Trump and the GOP after firing Mueller is able to once again bury the whole thing by screaming FAKE NEWS! THE ESTABLISHMENT IS AFTER ME!!!! et all and of course his supporters will be eating it up and be charged more than ever to vote him back in
    • The Democrats run Joe Biden as their 2020 candidate with an equally unenspiring VP instead of a progressive non traditional candidate like Kamala Harris or someone totally new that would get Democratic voters excited and inspired to vote again. De motivated and sick of the establishment, Democrats would stay home and once again Trump would narrowly etch out a victory (with Putin continuing to pull the strings behind the scenes especially if the investigation is halted or delayed due to Trump firing Mueller and getting away with it) and America continues to dig itself into a hole
    • An independent investigation is still going on after Mueller being fired in this scenario and this is what finally brings Trump & Co. down in 2020-2025
    That is the only way how I could see Michael Moore's prediction being right. All of the above is the worst case scenario that could come out in the near future so I hope that he's wrong about when the impeachment happens. I hope we don't have to wait that long for Trump and his cronies to be gone.
  8. This thread would be so much more lit if people weren't ignoring each other and were responding to skull drags.
  9. I'm not responding because I'm not taking the bait from delusional Bernie supporters who still insist he's innocent and his actions didn't influence Hillary's loss. It is what it is. They can write 10 paragraph essays and bring up old posts of mine but in the end they're just screaming 'BERNIE IS INNOCENT!!!' like the other Bernbots on the internet out there. It's no different.

    Yes, I admit I wasn't sure about Bernie initially. I was skeptical - I admitted he had some good policies but always maintained they were unrealistic in terms of getting what he was promising to his supporters passed in Congress. And with analysing last year's Election cycle and connecting the dots with the more I found out about him it isn't surprising to think Bernie got his hands dirty too.
  10. Trump most likely will not get reelected. His winning was a 'perfect storm' of events which is pretty much impossible to replicate.

    1. When the previous US president has been from the same party for 8 years, it usually flips.

    2. Trump having no political record. He could promise the world before and while he couldn't prove it, you couldn't disprove it in others minds.

    3. Democratic apathy. Dem voters are notorious for being lazy fucks but look at all the flipping of races recently from republican can to democrats. Dems are woke as fuck.

    4. Polarising candidate. I love my girl Hillary but she is very marmite, you either love or detest her. There is no middle ground.

    5. Voter punishment. Let's see how many Trump voters flip when he sabotages healthcare, takes away Medicare and Medicaid, raises their taxes and they're still poor as fuck while the rich get tax breaks.

    Could Trump get reelected? Sure. It would be stupid to rule it out completely after last time, but Trump will not be going into round two anywhere near as strong as the first time.

    And there's still three years of this shit show to go...

  11. The 'leader of the free world' lying about magazine covers...

  12. He'll just photoshop one like the one he had hanging up at his tacky golf resorts.

    Can the Hall of Presidents at Disney World just shut down so that they don't have to add Money Boo Boo to the exhibit? The real one is scary enough, let alone an animatronic one...
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    Caught up on this thread and sjsjahjasehjw omfggg

  14. I hope they let Trump tweet from jail when Robert Muller is named 'TIME Person Of The Year 2018'.

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  15. Screaming
  16. But..... how do you go from "Sanders' lack of pragmatism caused purity voters and hurt Clinton" to "Sanders was a Russian operative who planned to lose Clinton the election"?

    Why would someone do 40+ campaign stops for someone they were being paid to sabotage?

    Kirsten Gillibrand just said Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Is she a Russian psyop too?

    Clinton was literally caught on the campaign trail admitting the US should control Palestine's elections to help Israel's military efforts against the illegally occupied country. Does that disturb you as much? Is then every single Clinton supporter an Israeli-plant and being tricked by Israel to support Clinton over Sanders, who disturbed the homogeny over American politics that Israel holds?

    You say people refuse to address reasons why Clinton lost, but then you yourself claim it's only Russia. That there were no faults to Clinton or the mainstream, centrist Democrats and that somehow Russia literally changed the number of votes in states.

    It's possible Russia tried to psychologically influence the election AND that racist Americans supported Trump AND that third-party voters disturbed the discourse the 2 main parties wanted AND that Democrats' love affair with capitalism continues to deflate and disillusion their base demographics who are disproportionately harmed by the neoliberal policy norm in late American capitalism.

    If we go by your version of events, there's nothing Democrats should have changed, and that's terribly unhelpful.
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  18. A good explanation of what's coming in the next few weeks and where the GOP agenda could spiral and fuck up.

  19. Most Trump voters will tell you it's not his fault his ideas aren't getting passed. They place blame on establishment GOP in his own party and Democrats.
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  20. And the idea that Trump voters are a new breed of voters is completely overblown, they're just hardcore republican voters rebranded. Trump won due to flipping states that generally go Democratic that decided to 'take a chance' and 'shake up the status quo'. The biggest sign of all of this is the fact voters that traditionally go GOP have been voting Dems this year.

    This year should have been the easiest year for Trump, the 'honeymoon year' and it's been a disaster.
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