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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Oh he's not going to make it to 2020 and even if he somehow does he's not getting a second term. Michael Moore can go fuck himself with that prediction. The writing is on the wall for Trump and I believe we will hopefully start to see real action against him taken next year especially when the 'sacred' Tax Bill doesn't get passed in the Senate.
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  2. Worth noting too Moore predicted Romney would win in 2012.


    Moore cares about the country but he's also a savvy business-person / entertainer. He knows how to get a headline.

    So, yeah, a pinch of salt or two is in order.
  3. Yeah a lot of the time his opinions are mere crackpot theories. As @superglowy pointed out, Trump's win was partially down to a series of fortunate circumstances within the political climate playing the cards in his favour and partly helped by Russian collusion. He's not going to get that lucky again.
  4. His die-hards aren't enough to elect him again, though.
  5. Some people claim luck had nothing to do with it. Maybe the truth lies a bit in the middle.

  6. [​IMG]

    Over to you, Mueller
  7. Have you been following the New York Times trilogy?

    1. A Voice of Hate in America's Heartland

    2. I Interviewed a White Nationalist and Fascist. What Was I Left With?

    3. Readers Accuse Us of Normalizing a Nazi Sympathizerl; We Respond

    Extra: Nazis Are Just Like You And Me, Except They're Nazis

    I read the first two articles before reading their answer to the backlash they received, and... people really need to get a grip.

    I mean, I can see why some people might think the article is normalizing a nazi, but at the same time, does anyone need to be educated on how evil freaking nazis are?

    I understood the article in a "Even the nicest person can be a scumbag" way and not even reading about him planning having kids with his wife made me less disgusted.

    Also, if people have been following the NYT for a while, they should know they have been some of the most critical with the whole Trump administration and everything it brought to the political landscape.

    I can't believe people are actually trying to boycott one of the few worthy newspapers nowadays.
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  8. More unhinged shit

  9. Why did "of your favorite President (me)" make me scream.
  10. R92


  11. [​IMG]
  12. Meanwhile, I've been watching his averaged approval ratings going up and disapproval ratings going down for the last two weeks on 538. Good grief.
  13. Oh lord that tweet about being our favourite president is a riot. Whatever helps him sleep at night I guess.

  14. I keep thinking that nothing he does shocks me anymore but just...

  15. Moment 4 Life teas. Clap for the heavyweight champ (me!)
  17. HELP
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  18. This was incredibly painful to watch. He thinks he's actually being funny
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  19. ohmygod. i cant believe this. How is it possible that nobody stops him from making such idiotic speeches? Doesn't he have an Allison Janney at all?
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  20. It’s clear he can’t be controlled by now so I’m sure no one bothers behind the scenes anymore.

    I shouldn’t be shocked but he just never fails to amaze me. What a garbage human being.
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