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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I'm wheezing.
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  3. It really was so cringe. I'm mystified as to how anyone could still defend him at this point.
  4. Somebody on CNN said he must have figured the Native Americans were so offended by what Senator Warren "did" that they would all slap each others' backs like "Women. Am I right?"

    Later somebody said that Sarah Sanders talks an "avalanche of horseshit" so the episode was pretty lit.

    Also loved this today

    As for Project Veritas...

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  5. Well it's not like they are alone there. And yes it's deplorable. Where will we end up.

    Love "sk├╝le". Still laughing.
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  6. The fucking theatrics of McConnell-empty seat-Trump-empty seat-Ryan was so pathetic.

  7. Wowza, this woman can burn in hell
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  8. The squeakquel:
    my policies
    my policies
    my policies
    not my policies!
  9. He just retweeted anti-Islamic propaganda by the Britain First leader.... three times...
  10. And also highlights that the Andrew Jackson portrait thing the other day was no accident. Trump may generally be a moron, but he understands optics.
  11. I'm really, really scared, where does this end? Chilling.

    I feel so anxious and sick that history is repeating itself - someone tell me it's going to be okay? Please.
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  13. That's really unnerving! What is going through his mind? I wonder if he's planning to push another travel ban, as this content feeds into his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    The rest of his tweets today have been equally embarrassing. I'm glad most responses are outraged and calling him out for it.
  14. It's just so fucking exasperating. It's not shocking anymore. "Trump retweets anti-islamic propaganda" and I'm like... oh. okay then.

    Not even angry anymore just dismayed. It just feels like he can do whatever and nothing will ever happen.
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  15. I'm not familiar with the American constitution, but what exactly does it take for impeachment? The president is literally a nazi sympathiser who supports far-right hate speech.
  16. That even gutter-dweller Piers Morgan called him out on that re-tweet says a lot.
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  17. Impeachment is less about the constitution, practicality wise, and more about whether or not enough people in congress will have the backbones to support impeachment. Hint: They don't. Republicans are kissing his ass to get tax reform done because their big donors are pushing it due to being selfish, rich bastards who want to pay less in taxes.

    I'm praying tax reform flops, because that will give us the greatest likelihood for them to turn on him.
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