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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Once again Joe Biden hasn't even made it out of Iowa without his primary runs turning to disaster.
  2. Why? I’ve met the guy and I liked him.
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  3. I wonder if the NRA's social media manager is enjoying their now going on 5-day vacation. They should delete their account because the blowback will be immense when they return
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  4. I've met lots of nice people. Most of them I wouldn't want as President.
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  5. If Biden is elected, he will be either be the first President since JFK to die in office, or the first in U.S. history to turn 80 in the White House - and he'll do it in his first term. He is simply too old to run for President, especially now, when there's a growing interest in a "fresh face" who has not been corrupted by Washington, and when Trump's potential senility is a valid concern. We need a candidate who can call to question if Trump's age is hindering his ability to be President, not someone who will nullify those questions by being five years older.

  6. Democrats in being useless and ineffectual non-shocker.
  7. relax i ll run for presdident.

    Except it will all be over when my nudes leak Dddd.
  8. Bernie Sanders is 76. I wouldn't describe him as being corrupted by Washington. Or senile.
    I think he would be an amazing president who would bring actual change. I really hope he runs again.

    Elizabeth Warren is 68. Hillary is 70. Trump is 71. They're all old.
    Biden would be a safe choice, but I wouldn't want him to go for 2020. Not because he's old, but because he wouldn't really change much in a country that needs so much change.

    The younger potential candidates such as Kamala Harris or Cory Booker are just as cosy with Wall St as Hillary was. Age doesn't really mean anything in politics. Bernie 'woke up' millennials far more effectively than these younger candidates could. It's a shame the Democrats won't support more like him.
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  9. The last two years in a nutshell
  10. To clarify, I don't think Joe Biden is senile, or that his age would prevent him from connecting with Millennials. I just think that for 2020, he's not the ideal candidate, and his age is part of that. Personally, I think 82 (which is how old he would be by the end of his first term) is kind of... pushing it. At the very least, it would make it harder for him to raise questions about Trump's senility / mental fitness, in the same way it was harder for Hillary to call out Trump's history of sexual harassment, as the wife of an alleged rapist.

    As for my comment about corruption, I was referring only to public perception, not reality. In 2016, you would have thought Hillary's years of experience would give her a major advantage over a candidate who had none. But it turns out that her decades in Washington, and her ties to two previous administrations, in many ways counted against her, while Trump's inexperience was a plus to his supporters. So for this election in particular, it might be wise to elect a younger Democrat who is not a household name, rather than a former Vice President who, like Hillary, has been in the public eye for a very long time (and has collected his fair share of skeletons, as well.)
  11. So you don't want to be my seculartary of state then ho?
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  12. Joe Biden would literally be someone running solely off of Obama's goodwill.
    And maybe that would be enough, or maybe it wouldn't.

    I just don't think Obama-era memes are enough to get millennial turnout up, and that should be at least one of the goal for Dems.
  13. Obama made Joe Biden acceptable and I'm not sorry in saying that. He really does seem to be a decent guy but there's just certain things especially regarding his past treatment of Anita Hill that still bothers me. He can't even sputter out a coherent response when asked about it, a simple statement showing regret would be a start.

    Not to mention he would have to go through hell to try and explain away his authoring of the 1994 crime bill, Sanders voted for it and Hillary pushed it as first lady and look how they were questioned about it and rightfully so I might add. Least now many actually realize how it has made things even worse.
  14. "Anita Hill" should be the only two words necessary to halt any enthusiasm or support for a Biden run.
  15. It's just so uninspired and shows Dems have no clue what they're doing.

    Theory is boring, so I'll spare everyone, but a view of capitalism is that it's inherently alienating. Capitalist society promotes individualism (=/= individuality). There's no collective. Through capitalism and this sense of competition, we consume. Consumerism is a sign of wealth and we fetishize consumerism.

    Because we're told to consume more and more but get less and less profit from the products we produce, we assign meaning and symbolism to what we consume and turn them into spectacles.

    We're seeing identity turn into a spectacle (ie: we want to see ourselves in what we consume so our consumption has meaning). We're now seeing capitalists exploit identity and a desire to see the self represented. Conservative women on the right who actively harm women are held-up as empowering simply for being women because identity is put before material needs. High-brow publications do quirky thinkpieces "getting to know" ~the women of the alt-right~ romanticizing them despite that they're literally nazis??

    And it's hard because many people do need representation in politics to have people who understand their unique experiences under oppression. Representation is important.

    But I think it was @johnoclock who was gobsmacked most white women voted for Trump, but it's like.. why wouldn't they? The GOP is who most serves their material needs (due to exploitation of poor people/POC). Why would they side with Hillary who could offer them only a symbolic commodity? The GOP is powerful through a combination of serving the needs of its donation base (rich people) and then isolating and radicalizing (usually middle class) whites with racism.

    Dems struggle because they want that donation base, but so much of capitalism overlaps other struggles. Much of the policy they have to promise for those dollars actively harms their normal base. So the base they need for votes are told to feel represented, but after so many times, people notice their material realities aren't changing. And they don't flip sides to people who hate them - they just stop voting. It happened with Hillary. The symbolism of Hillary winning was not radical enough to compensate for the lack of radical policy people wanted.

    And instead of seeing the need for radical policy, the party is now fighting for this identity or that identity to be front-and-center. We somehow go from Oprah literally for no reason besides black women being a strong base to Joe Biden solely because Dems lost rural whites. The latter being a shockingly dumb push given that representation is still important in parts and Joe Biden is... an old white moderate?? He fills no boxes at all?? Like, that's why 2020 is going to be about what Dems push, not who they push, yet they don't seem to realize this.
  16. Honestly hearing these kids speak is so inspiring. Emma Gonzalez needs to run for office one day. I tear up everytime I hear the playback of her speaking.
  17. I know. The only bright spot is that in a couple of years, these kids will be old enough to vote and the cynical, spineless Republicans will be out on their asses for good.

    Reminder that Mitch McConnell stole the Supreme Court seat from Obama and blackmailed him to not make the Russian hacking of US elections public.
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  18. Joe Biden will be the slightly less messy, slightly more competent Jeb Bush of the 2020 primaries.
  19. Please no more septagenerians riddled with baggage. Find someone new and inspiring.
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