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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. A convicted child rapist... I can't
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  2. Perfect for their brand!
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  3. "Indecent liberties with a child"

    Just say paedophile

  4. The Slime Ghoul party just keeps on winning.
  5. Whew the pressure on Manafort's neck to flip


  6. I feel like a giant has been awoken and I pray the momentum doesn't fade. Nut job conservatives should realize it's not the best idea to talk down to high school children about something they themselves have experienced and have witnessed for so long while the rest of the country has not done a damn thing. Not wise to also paint these kids off as mere 'crisis actors' either. Conservatives are fucking nut jobs.

    All I had to say to point blank shut down my idiot cousin on facebook was that my niece and nephew's right to life supersedes your dumbass crusade for defending guns at all costs.
  7. Are the NRA contributions really that significant that they are worth all the terrible press, not to mention dead children that inaction towards gun control brings?
  8. I am so old, I can't wait for these kids to Snapchat the republicans out of office... you know that they are not going to forget the way they are being disrespected right now and will have no problem pulling receipts as needed.
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  9. Did anyone see this making the rounds?

    Full-on fuck every politician taking NRA blood money.
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  10. So sad and scary to think this almost happened just a couple of days after Florida. I live pretty close to this school. So scary.
  11. So Trump is sitting with a bunch of students right now and it's honestly tough to watch. Obviously they're a bit scared to say what they really want to say and it must be tough to articulate their thoughts in such an intense setting. There's lots of, "Thank you for everything. I appreciate the direction you're taking the country."

    Wow, they've got a father speaking now who lost his daughter last week, surrounded by his sons, and listening to him is like a punch in the gut. I'm glad Trump has to sit and listen to this. I so hope something changes. Ugh.
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  12. I mean he is probably on the way to deafness from his untreated neurosyphilis so it’s no impact to him allegedly
  13. The student speaking now is so eloquent and so heartbreaking. He lost a best friend and is sitting next to a woman who lost her 6-year-old son in Sandy Hook. I can't even watch anymore.
  14. The amount of dumbfucks pouring out with 'paid protester' claims and 'we need more guns to protect our children' is so disheartening and draining, I can't imagine what these kids are going through.

    Politicians aren't listening to children, or us, Money is so evil, y'all.
    I've generally been pretty strong about keeping up to date with any new information and political news with a hopeful face and a foot forward towards activism this year but I just feel so drained today about the state of things.
  15. There's a tweet for everything

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  16. He has 45 on his shirt sleeves so he can practice his numbers and remember who he is when he has a full blown senior moment
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  17. Some of us don’t need notes to remind us how to be a human being with actual emotions.
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