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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Wow. Somehow even worse than I expected from this administration. It's just so... brazen.
  2. Oh fuck I forgot about John Bolton and now I’m depressed all over again.
  3. I know technically gas prices have nothing to do with the person who sits in the White House but this time I’ll let people blame Trump all they want to. I’ve heard various people here in red Tennessee bitching about Trump giving into the Saudis and Putin and letting them rake the money in. Ddddd. The conversations you overhear out at dinner can be wild sometimes.
  4. Pretty much.

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  5. How is this not a gigantic scandal? HOW?
  6. Queen of addressing intentionally vague headlines

  7. Just flipped through this thread and didn't see anything about it, so gonna throw it out there:

    Gina Haspel is currently being pushed through various levels of nomination (I have no idea how these things work) to become the new head of the CIA. It sounds like she has personally overseen torture, destroyed evidence of torture, participated in torture because she enjoys it, and even earned herself the nickname Bloody Gina.

    Here is Kamala Harris destroying her last week at her public congressional hearing.
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  8. The fact America has cross-party support for Jerusalem being the capital of Israel is... a mess. Obama and Kerry only started speaking out in the last year of presidency... when they had no more elections to run (or fucks to give).
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  9. Bloody Gina......sis.
  10. Comes from a CIA whistleblower, apparently it was meant to be endearing on the inside. Even without that though, she has quite the past.
  11. Not sure if it came across, but I was reading it as jeye-nuh, and it was a lot besides being a mess on the surface.
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  12. Who didn't see this coming?

  13. I voted! Lol. Hope y'all did too.
  14. I really don’t think what the Trump administration hopes will happen will happen at all.
  15. A kii if this entire peace summit gets canned. All the idiots that called for Trump to get a Peace Prize should get dragged through the mud

  16. Kween!

    Now if some of the US House seats could flip there with the new maps in place this fall...
  17. Yay the Donald Trump wannabe who was running for governor came last among the ones with money in our Republican primary.

    I really hope Paulette Jordan nabs it somehow in November.
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