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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. America is fucked up, we been knew, etc.
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  2. The Supreme Court kinda punted this

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  3. The ruling isn't as bad when you read into the details but still. Fuck religious bigoted lives etc.
  4. I mean 7-2 isn't really narrow is it?
    I still don't know what to think of this case.
  5. They mean narrow in the decision legally concerning the arguments at hand.

    Not this reminding me of this lovely exchange this morning.

  6. That's the shit I'm talking about. The President cannot go around saying the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional and that he can pardon himself if he wants. Democrats need to call him out on his corruption and lies, they keep letting him control the message. Bill Clinton said that if a Democrat had been doing this shit, he already would have been impeached. I understand Republicans control Congress but Democrats at least need to make a fuss about America sliding into a dictatorship.
  7. Scalp me. Suddenly Meghan McCain is me.
  8. Also, Bill Clinton is a piece of shit. In a recent interview he said he wouldn't have handled anything differently re: his sex scandal if this happened during the #MeToo. He also said he still hasn't personally apologized to Monica Lewinsky
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  9. Manafucked!

    I liked Ari’s follow-ups:

  10. My only solace came from ThinkProgress’ headline about the decision:

    “Supreme Court holds that religious conservatives are special snowflakes who need a safe space”
  11. David Koch is retiring from Koch Industries and political involvement due to failing health. The devil is waiting

  12. I can’t handle this. I’m done.
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  13. What an excellent use of his time and isn’t the DOJ now getting involved? Excellent use of resources there.
  14. I am still trying to wrap my brain around the cake case. I get that it only really applies to this specific guy in this specific case, but they didn’t exactly stop him from getting sued again, right? The Court took issue with the Civil Rights Commission not fulfilling its obligation of religious neutrality. So the next time a lawsuit comes through, they just need to be respectful of religion when they say that it’s discriminatory?

    Maybe it’s because I’m a godless heathen but I don’t understand how the “religious exemptions” work. I know plenty of (for example) Catholic people who are in support of marriage equality despite their church being against it. Some people read the Bible and say there’s nothing in it about same-sex marriage, some people see everything. Would the case have gone this far if it wasn’t his closely held Christian beliefs, but his Buddhist beliefs or Muslim beliefs? And what if MY religious beliefs in the Church of Cake say all cakes must always be made? Who are the courts to tell me my beliefs are less important or valid?

    Steve Sanders in the New York Times writes that the decision was “sort of agnostic” about the underlying controversy and says “When the next iteration of this case — whether it’s a baker, or a photographer, somebody else — comes to the Supreme Court, I hope that there will be some acknowledgement that it is a slippery slope if we start allowing these sorts of exemption for religion. Because you don’t know, then, where to draw the line between sincere and insincere religious beliefs. So it’s best to just stay out of the business altogether of exempting people from having to comply with civil rights based on their claimed religious beliefs.”

    Or as Michael Herriot at The Root writes, Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of White Jesus
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  15. Sooner the better, Koch brothers have done nothing but make things worse.
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  16. The "You can't break up with me, I'm dumping you!" rally at the White House today was, as expected, a hot mess.

    It was supposed to be for 1,000 Eagles fans. Did we see 1,000 Eagles fans on site? Philadephia reporter Tim Furlong says... probably not.

    I went to college in Philadelphia and I have family there. Philadelphia Eagles fans are a hoot and a half. They threw snowballs at Santa Claus once upon a time. They get stinking drunk and run face first into subway poles. They are not going to put on nice suits and ties and go sing the national anthem outside of the White House.

    Of course, Trump said that the cancellation was due to the protesting during the national anthem, despite the fact that (A) none of the Eagles players knelt last season and (B) the "stay in the locker room" thing is for next season. And while it's not the national anthem, Trump didn't exactly show himself off as the true patriot he makes himself out to be today:

  17. This motherfucker couldn’t even recite the pledge of allegiance, I would love for him to be challenged to do so.
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