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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. After the first accusation, I was chatting with my female, center-left co-worker about it, and she said, "Really? This is what we're going after now?"

    After the third or so, when I was grousing about people pissing on Kirsten, the same co-worker exclaimed, "Al Franken HAD TO GO!"

  2. Consider delivering it in writing ddddddd

    AMAZING. What a power move.
  3. She won't take her foot off his neck

    Although he's probably relieved since he's such a horrific public speaker when he's not speaking to his dumbass base.
  4. There’s a shocker.
  5. Lol who's gonna tell them.
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  6. The thought of Cortez and co stomping around the senate to find sleazeball McConnell I’m ALIVE
  7. The thought of her chasing that racist turtle around the Senate chamber frantically waving a petition is incredible.
  8. These freshmen Democratic representatives, wig.
  9. I am DYING at the image of a bunch of senators chasing McConnell like a lizard loose in a pet store. Yas back him into a corner.
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  10. Jump on him like the koopa troopa that he is, icons!!
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  11. The fact that this came the day after cheeto tweeted

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  12. I'm going to be disappointed if Elizabeth Warren doesn't have an image like this for her election campaign.
  13. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Hilarious that anyone ever suggested Nancy should step aside. She is that Machiavellian Queen who’s got nothing to lose at this point in her career in terms of public opinion, which makes her the perfect antagonist for Trump.
  14. This shutdown is beyond ridiculous now, it's getting worse for people day after day. I don't think anything is going to get Mitch McConnell to budge unless airports around the country start coming to absolute stand stills. Why should people work with no fucking pay when many struggle as it is? And no I do not want Democrats to cave because the public has thankfully realized who the true villains in this situation are and that hardly ever happens.

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  15. I can't breathe.
  16. Why isn't the turtle doing anything? To avoid embarrassing the President (gross)?
  17. He doesn't want to upset his base of troglodytes.
  18. Someone get Cardi on MSNBC and CNN tonight.
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