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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I don't think she has a chance, but I think she will steer the politics of who ever does win the primary to the left which can only be a good thing.
  2. I think Elizabeth absolutely has a chance (if she can shake this racial identity stuff) and is a great contender. She has a clearer message than the rest, and I think that will put her among the Top 3 contenders by the end of things. I know I haven't ruled her out for my vote.

    That said, I do think AOC and the Green New Deal could totally reshuffle policy priorities on the campaign trail if they keep up the momentum, and could pave the way for someone to step in with a very clear leadership message on climate change. And I kinda hope that does happen.
  3. LiK


    This heel turn on Warren has been fascinating to watch I must say. Anyone not wanting her to run needs their priorities sorted out quickly.
  4. Elizabeth will be a huge beneficiary of Iowa and New Hampshire being the first two states to cast primary votes.

    I would say that Kamala has the best chance of winning the primary at this point, and would put Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker in the top three with her.
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  5. I'm thinking similarly. It'll be interesting if Biden enters the race. Or Beto. I'm also interested in what Julian Castro will offer.
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  6. I just need someone that will also make the environment a priority, in addition to healthcare. Climate change is an actual crisis unlike Trump's imaginary border one and conservatives out there are mocking AOC's Green New Deal. Like, don't these people have kids? Is their plan that they live on gated communities on mountains while everyone else drowns?

    Like, look at this shitty little twerp, he thinks he's being smart
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  7. I’m still mad that Andrew Yang is the only one with actual policies listed up on his website so far, and whew are they thorough to the point of being overwhelming I would imagine to many. I get why less is sometimes more, but I’m gonna need politicians’ website not to mirror influencers to where the main traffic flow is to the merch section ddd.

    I get why it is necessary, but the idea of politicians having merch (cause that’s what ~campaign marketing collateral~ is....it’s just merch) makes me want to die. I would die before even wearing Sanders merch. Like....no, never. I don’t need a beer koozie with the name of someone who’ll probably decide to attack a country or two.

    I actually like Yang’s policies a lot, but his “humanist capitalism” schtick makes me uncomfortable and makes me view him as some utopian technocrat bro. The ideas? Great. The vernacular packaging it up? Ehh. I don’t know if I can trust.
  8. It’s no shade against proud Native American warrior Warren, but you can already see the early signs of a ‘Hillary style’ hit job against her and I feel like it would be successful.
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  9. This skull dragging from the political princess of pop!

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  10. thanks but painful
  11. They’re waiting for the marketing reports to come in.
  12. The poor intern in Klobuchar's office who's going to have to tell her they have to send back the 500k "Medicare for Some" t-shirts they ordered because "Medicare For All" tested more positively.
  13. A mood nn. No shade to Nancy.

  14. I really like Warren as a candidate, but I think the "we need someone who can beat Trump" factor is gonna be too much for her to overcome. I also think people are underestimating Beto's chances for this same reason (though I know he hasn't entered the yet and doesn't really have any policy outlines yet).
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  15. This lil' emoji moment does feel shady. I mean was she supposed to gun him down or shout over him? She was reading from a towering folder right behind him while he was speaking, on live television.

    Her face and her tense clap say "fuck you, you piece of shit" in many more ways than I can count. Is it civil disobedience? Yes.
  16. When to the executions by guillotine begin?

  17. Referencing genocide to make a cheap dig. Very on brand.
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  18. Beto should sit this one out.
  19. Thought 45 couldn't shock me anymore, but here we are.
  20. Apparently Klobuchar is announcing her candidacy at a park in an hour while we’re in the middle of a snow storm.

    A true Minnesota icon. Throw a printer at me Mom.
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