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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. ...He's gonna get re-elected, isn't he?
  2. I honestly don’t think so but I think it’s going to be a MUUUUUCCCH closer final result than we’re anticipating.
  3. Get his ass up and out. Trash!


  4. I mean that’s insane and all but the launch speech was a snooze overall, Warren was on fire in contrast yesterday. Please just keep Biden away, I beg of thee.
  5. I'm operating under the assumption that he will. No joke nn. I'm terrified.
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  6. Me too sis. But I guess it's what America deserves after... pretty much our entire existence Dddd.
  7. Wait. Warren popped the fuck off yesterday.
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  8. Not to sound complacent or to relitigate 2016, but he won because of a specific set of circumstances linning up. It won’t be easy next year but it’s also more than doable.
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  9. After reading the NYT profile on him the other day, I do wonder, strictly from an optics point of view, how someone like Beto would play opposite Trump. His “simple, good-hearted, friendly neighborhood man” schtick is basically the opposite of Trump’s aggressive, hot headed, blowhard persona and I think having the two opposite each other would only highlight those negative aspects in Trump.
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  10. Why is he so bad at running for president?

  11. Okay but it’s 2019 Booker sis, if your ‘friends’ don’t ‘get’ what the ‘issue’ is with the Blackface scandal then I’d dump ‘em in the trash.
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  12. K94


    I don't want to be pessimistic but none of these candidates are filling me with hope and excitement at the moment. Let's just accept AOC as our supreme global leader, tbh.
  13. If after 4 years of continuous corruption and abuse of power Democrats can't get their head out of their asses and present a viable, attractive alternative, then the GOP deserves to win and sell off the country to the highest bidder.
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  14. I really hope we can set aside some ongoing media narratives this week. Namely the Virginia scandals, the Bezos-as-a-hero story, and the shutdown. (Meaning I hope the Va. folks all finally resign and the shutdown is averted. And media grows up and gets over the thrill of the Pecker headlines.)

    We have this new Congress and they have zero media room to discuss actual legislation. We'll be moving on to 2020 talk full-time in a matter of months. It's kind of frustrating.
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  15. Niecy Nash for president.
  16. Klobuchar winning early praise from GOP senators for being a great senator and person is truly what I needed this morning
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  17. I’m just starting to watch so I have nothing to add ddd just wanted to share it with y’all.
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  18. Kamala admitting she smoked weed on The Breakfast Club. This simulation is wild.
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