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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Due process bros found quaking x

    Gillibrand is actually my favorite right now.
  2. “Once”
    “In college?”

  3. Amy Klobuchar is not my choice in this primary but I wouldn’t mind seeing her throw a binder at Trump, staffer-style.

    As of now, based on declared candidates, I’m probably:
    1. Harris
    2. Warren
    3. Gillibrand
    4. Booker
    5. Klobuchar
    6. Castro
    7. The binder Amy threw at her staffer
    8. Amy’s mean post-it notes
    9. Satan
    10. Gabbard
  4. Kamala Harris is just so impressive, I really don’t see how she doesn’t steamroll the debates. I guess we’ll see!
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  5. Quite surprised at the Harris praise here considering her work as a prosecutor... incarcerating parents of truant children, advocating the funding of prisons over schools etc.
  6. Quite a few people have been critical of her in here though
  7. Oh I’m sorry I haven’t read far back enough then, my apologies. I just saw a few of preferences that put her first.
  8. Harris being hit the hardest on the interwebs makes me think she's the one the Russians fear the most.
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  9. I can't wait for Putin to help Stein unlock the final chaos emerald and seal Bernie the nom, ugh their minds.
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  10. Xcjghggtes you’re a mess!
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  11. So, to the bolded part, I can understand people suggesting that criminal justice needs to be reformed and that prosecutors shouldn't be involved in truancy. BUT...

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  12. $1.37 billion for “border barriers”?!?!
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  13. I. screamed.
  14. Did you see the video of her laughing over the idea of locking up parents of truant children? I’m sorry but anyone that pro-incarceration isn’t a progressive.


    You also have the fact that she has conveniently done a 180 on progressive issues like Medicare for all just in time for it to be popular. Convenient. She is not a principled left wing candidate. Out of those running so far the closest thing There is to a progressive is Liz Warren but even she’s a reformist who is ‘capatslist to (her) bones’.

    Other parts of Harris’ less than stellar record as a prosecutor:

    . Conflating consensual sex work with people trafficking resulting in an operation over seen by Harris to have women pose as prostitutes then arrest the men - of course this disproportionately effected certain types of men and they weren’t white.
    . She shut down one of the world’s top advertising sites for sex workers, despite sex workers coming forward and saying doing so would make the work more dangerous
    . She fought legislation which would have meant mandatory investigations into police killings
    . She consistently fought against the release of individuals who had been proven innocent by new evidence
    . She blocked two investigations into the San Fransico police force - one following the police shooting of a young person of colour the other after texts surfaced of a racist and homophobic nature
    . Officers in the Bay Area fell into a sexual exploitation scandal which a federal judge called Harris’ investigation into ‘wholly inedequate’ - despite the aforementioned sting operation against Latino men seeking consensual sex work.
    . She fought the right of Michelle-Lael Norswortht to get gender confirmation surgery whilst incarcerated
    . She has defended the use of solitary confinement, advocate for time restrictions to be lengthened

    Don’t get me wrong she’s a smart lady and she’s going to trail the country being woke for the next year and a half because she’s aware that’s in but of the examples I gave above some are as recent as 2016. She might be saying the right things but I’m struggling to believe she would do them.
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  15. I do think Harris will face massive issues defending her record as a prosecutor, and I don't think she'll come across as trustworthy enough to a lot of potential voters.
  16. Absolute bullshit that Ilhan Omar had to apologize for that. American politics is so fucked.
  17. Did you see Chelsea Clinton weighing in on Twitter? She literally tweets like a customer services rep from a telecoms company.
  18. Trump's speech last night was a horrifying, racist menagerie of lies and gaslighting; at least to anyone with half of a brain. Unfortunately, his "WE BELIEVE IN AMERICAN VALUES!!!" rallying cry at the end will play stupidly well to the Bible Belt, to Ohio, and to Iowa. Not to be the 2020 Blabby but we should be worried.
  19. Ok now arteries let's get in formation
  20. Okay Trump's arteries now let's get in solidification
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