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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I’m ready to start and/or donate to a GoFundMe for the legal fees for whoever leaks the Mueller report in full.
  2. How.....Anticlimatic.

    Mueller ‘big pop girl’ status revoked.
  3. Mueller won’t save us but fuck do I want Kushner and Don Jr. to get theirs.
  4. Come on, leak like a Lana Del Rey-demo.
  5. Don’t forget the sealed indictments, girls.
  6. I did forget dddd

    Someone was keeping track how many were left but I don’t even remember how many.
  7. It would be kinda a kiii though if Trump was innocent in regards to Russian collusion but due to the Russia investigation the SDNY nailed him for something like money laundering.

    I just want him punished and I want him gone!
  8. I’ve always thought the actual financial wrongdoing would be their downfall even though they’ve been shady as hell with the back channeling to Russia.
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  10. I’m like 95% sure Trump et al. coordinated with Russia and Wikileaks, but I don’t know if what they did technically broke any laws. I also imagine everything was communicated through mob speak, and it’s unclear how that type of evidence would hold up in court. I just want them gone though. I don’t care what the charges are.
  11. The girls should have known there was likely no way to prove collusion when Pelosi went from *awkward handclap* *finger snap* "we're coming for you!" to "he's not worth impeachment". This isn't to say Trump isn't working in the interests of the capitalist mafia state that is Russia, but it just turns out he's not uniquely scummy and did it in a way to get caught - he did it the typically scummy way that most of DC who works in the interests of harmful governments does.

    The Dems have to go back to trying to win on policy and several high-figure corporate Dems are being pressured to boycott AIPAC?

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  12. Ilhan being vindicated, whew. She won
  13. I can’t help but feel this will be incredibly underwhelming, which will just stoke you know who and his supporters into a “we told you so!” frenzy. I want to be optimistic, but...

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  14. Regardless of how juicy or not the report turns out to be, it led to Trump’s campaign manager, national security advisor and personal lawyer all being charged with and pleading guilty to crimes, and I believe the restitution from Manafort ended up being more than the cost of the entire investigation, so it was to our benefit as taxpayers. People may see it as being a nothingburger, but it sure as hell has a lot of toppings on it.
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  15. LiK


    This tweets puts it into perspective... Imagine if all of this dropped at one time and not over the course of a year...

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  16. The GP is shook. I'm shook. Every single one of his videos is hugely liked.

    Someone pointed out Chelsea Manning and clemency earlier - single issue voter teas, but there are no jokes relating him being gay to having "butt" in his name - in YouTube comments (I know, the low bar). And he crossed the 65K donations threshold to participate in the June debates.

    I think we found a dark horse.
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  17. I really do like him.
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