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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Buttigieg getting more donations from Obama and Clinton donors than Warren. Wow I wonder why
  2. Well, he is polling better. I don't think many people have seen Warren as a serious contender for the nomination.
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  3. I love Elizabeth.

    Would it be problematique to have her as VP to Peter?
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  4. Time for Warren to start posing with assault rifles and talk about how nothing builds character like getting to threaten Afghan children directly to their face. Those DC think tanks will be busting their wallets wide open.
  5. It really pains me to say this since I think she'd be a great president, but I think Warren's moment has passed. Her best opportunity to win would've been challenging Hillary in 2016 for the nomination. The press loves to fumble over an come-out-of-nowhere underdog like Buttigieg who seems to have stolen all of Beto's thunder lol.

    Hopefully she manages to snag a Cabinet position. She'd really have the opportunity to push forward her fantastic policies as Treasury Secretary.

    And that would allow Massachussets to elect Senator Ayanna Pressley X
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  6. Nice appeals to emotion there. Not fallacious at all.
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  7. The idea of Americans terrorizing children abroad with assault rifles is meant to illicit emotions, yes. Hopefully ones of disgust and frustration. Should it not?
  8. You're directly tying a picture of him holding a gun to him threatening Afghan children, which is ridiculous. You use pathos incessantly to control the conversation.
  9. Would you be okay with foreign invaders roaming around your neighborhood with assault rifles?

    I’m not sure why it’s hard for you to grasp that Buttigieg is doing as well as he is because he plays into the ethically questionable law and order models of American politics. Pro-war, pro-cop, pro-meritocracy.

    It’s silly to talk about fallacies when you suggest the popularity of Pete’s politics justify the ethics then of his politics. It’s no different than if someone said segregation was justified because a lot of people supported it. A lot of people also love Trump, but we understand how he’s harmful in spite of that, no?

    Leftists don’t question things just because we don’t like them. We don’t like them because of the objective harm that comes from them.

    Trying to wheel out that Pete is popular is an empty-handed gesture - especially when used to try and gotcha a candidate who doesn’t poll as well like Warren - and only leaves the room to examine why Pete is popular. It doesn’t help Pete to remind us he polls better than Warren because he plays into the violent and reactionary instincts of many Americans.
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  10. “as interesting as a J. Cole album” JFKHKKGKFMKFK
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  11. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Liz will have the last laugh, even if she's not the nominee. Even if she were the first to drop out.

    Why? Because she's right about... pretty much everything. She's running on her principles, and even if you disagree with those principles, you can't argue she's not being true to herself.
  12. @Sanctuary Why are a good half of your posts on here about Peter when the actual centrist devil is Biden?
  13. *says he pulls his ethics from the Bible*

    *says that China having a place on the world stage “frightens” him*

    “Do we believe the world is a safer place for America?”

    “The army used to heal class divisions”

    Now, sis....

    Don’t be mad just cause others and I understand that the way to defeat Biden is to first destroy all seven of his establishment candidate horcruxes, including the weird religious one who thinks children who grew up poor like me should have put college to the side and, to really climb out of poverty, gone and *reads notes* terrorize Afghan children with assault rifles as a form of service to America.

  14. Oh wow. Liz isn’t actually playing. Maybe the first candidate yet since Sanders’ 2016 rise to push a policy further left than him? Shake the table, sis, shake it!

    Hopefully Sanders joins her and expands his education policy to include massive loan forgiveness as many leftists have been advocating him to since it would be one of the easier things to implement in office. Refinancing and capping interest rates is not enough. We must massively erase this unfair burden for future generations and past if we acknowledge that education is a right.

    If Warren just got her messaging clearer on Medicare For All, I think she’d have my vote.
  15. I literally just said out loud "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk."
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  16. 3Xs


    Oh wow, Aunt Liz really is a legend huh?
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  17. She seems to be shying away from advocating for a single payer system and I can’t understand why.
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