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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I'm sorry but can Joe just like, idk, die or something
  2. 3Xs


    Just a reminder for those who were thinking about donating but were unsure about how realistic her chances were, our quirky queen Marianne now only needs 7,480 7,479 more unique donors to make the debate stage!


    Fucking Amy Klobuchar and John Hickenlooper (who?) have qualified ahead of Marianne, let's move our asses people! Even $1 counts!

  3. Why have NONE of the Medicare For All policies addressed medical school debt, debt forgiveness, (the college plans proposed by Warren and Sanders only concern undergraduate debt) or the shortage of residency spots. That’s without even mentioning that the AAMC basically holds complete monopoly over the entire process.

    Socialistic physician salaries coupled with capitalistic student debt will scare everyone out of pursuing medicine as a viable career.

    I wish this was something the candidates would address since healthcare seems to be one of the key issues. Most physicians will take the pay cut that comes with a single payer system if it means not having to deal with insurance companies but in between generations of med students & residents are going to be crippled for decades if this isn’t addressed and that’s bad for everyone.
  4. I did not realize that the first Dem debate will be divided into two nights and that the lineup for each night will be from a random draw. So, a leading candidate like Bernie could end up on a debate stage with Delaney, Ryan, Inslee, Gabbard while the likes of Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, Biden are on the other stage. I mean, I'm all for inclusivity, but this just seems bone-headed. Surely those leading in polls and fundraising should be on the same stage.
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  5. I'm honestly shocked at how close she is.
    They're almost the only fast food chain that hasn't joined the Fair Food Program, so fuck Wendy's. Even motherfucking Walmart joined.
  6. We need Warren and Biden to be on the same stage so she can toss his tattered wig across the room.
  7. 3Xs


    Marianne found sliding onto the stage next to Biden, Sanders and Warren after she clocks 65k unique donors


  8. Yes c’mon people, DONATE. Marianne Momentumson isn’t gonna make it to 2% or the debate stage without that cash.

  9. My guess is it's to avoid people tuning in to see Biden/Sanders/Harris/Buttigieg/O'Rourke and not Williamson/Gabbard/Gilibrandddd/other flops. If the idea of the debates is to provide a platform for all candidates, they have to make sure people don't just watch the biggest names like what happened with the one Republican debate in 2016.

    Come to think of it, have Tulsi and Kirsten even qualified for the debates? Oh, the laughs I would laugh if Marianne got in and they didn't.
    Your signature right now...
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  10. Oh, I understand the intention. They don't want another repeat of 2016 in which "DNC" became a four-letter word to a certain segment. I guess what's kind of ironic is that in their attempt to look like they're not pulling the strings, they may end up unintentionally looking like they're trying to undermine a leading candidate like Bernie. If he ends up at the kid's table and all the other high-polling/earning candidates end up on the mainstage, don't you think his hardcore supporters are going to scream 'rigged' all over again?

    I guess they're in a can't-win situation until the field gets culled. Maybe they should have a minimum number of high and low-polling candidates set for each group to get a good mix and avoid a lopsided debate stage.
  11. That would be a great idea, so they'll never do it.
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  12. Every time I see this picture, I think it's Karl Lagerfeld.
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  13. I saw part of this earlier but not in as much detail as what Daily Beast published. Pretty ironic the party who thinks all sexual assault accusations are merely political smear tactics did just that

  14. You know what? Fine. But we better not see you out here trying to be someone’s VP.
  15. Jacob Wohl is a poster child for why abortion should be compulsory.
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  16. C'mon Theresa Tomilinson!

    Although I think Stacey was the best bet at making this a tossup race ":/"
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  17. If anything it should prove how near impossible is to establish a credible smear campaign and enlighten them/the masses to the fact that maybe we can all just believe survivors?
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