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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not a single soul:

    Buttigieg: Jesus died for our sins so it's okay to be against vaxxing your kids (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

    Everyone: ??????????

    Buttigieg: jk hehe ~ u.u

  2. He is literally offering the exact same platform as Clinton.
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  4. I think I'm the most impressed by Warren so far, really great policies. And lord would it be nice to have a woman in the White House.
  5. I just discovered I have a shared connection with Bootyfag.

    Me. I Am Disgusted.

  6. Stacey was a blow but Teresa’s a great recruit. Here’s hoping she can unseat David Perdue
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  7. Well, yeah, it seems that everyone and the media loved tearing her down for every little thing. Although, I don't know why a lot of people acted like she and her platform/stances were decimated by the voters. She barely lost in the few key states despite having an unfortunate week prior to the election. Trump still remains as unpopular as ever outside his fanatical base.
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  8. Ugh.

    I know it's just one poll, but this kind of development, coupled with last week's surprisingly good GDP news makes me a bit nervous. Is it still the economy, stupid?
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  9. This is why I think Kamala might surge after the debates. I’m not a fan of some of her policies, but she’s sharp and anything but a push over.
  10. Sorry for all the Tweets, but...


    Also I can't help but cackle every time Agent Orange posts a Tweet like this:

    Ummmm.... HALF the people in the poll don't approve of you? On a Rasmussen poll?!? WHY are you highlighting this?!?!?
  11. Me too. I'm so sorry.
    Oh this may be my new go-to.
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  12. 3Xs


    Man I just heard about the shooting at UNC. This shit is outta hand. I'm curious now what the candidate's positions are about immediate action on gun control? I know Kamala has come out strongly for it but I wonder about the others.
  13. The smirk on her face when she finishes asking her first question. SHE KNOWS.

  14. Warren still has my vote, but this interview (sorry if already posted) has really sold me on Buttigieg as a person. I fully get why people here dislike his policies and his military background, but it sounds like he's trying to be pragmatic/appeal to the center rather than actually philosophically being a centrist. (At the end, Maddow notes that he won an essay contest for his profiles in courage essay on Bernie Sanders when he was 18).

    I think some combination of Warren and him on the ticket would be a formidable pairing (hopefully her on top). She has the ideas, the brains, the experience, and a mastery of policy/actual plans (aka what we actually want in a president) - he has Indiana as his home state - a state that went for Trump - the charisma, oratory skills and the "rockstar" thing that people loved about Obama and Kennedy (and in a disgusting way, also kind of Trump - aka what gets you elected). Both of their recent surging in the polls makes me think that more airtime will only increase their appeal. Meanwhile, Bernie has sagged a bit in the polls - I think maybe Warren is chipping away at him slightly. I think his support has largely plateaued. I think Biden will be vastly in the lead til the debates and then I think people will drop him like a rock when they hear Warren talk policy, Harris being badass, and both of them plus Buttigieg, Booker, and Beto who are all vastly better public speakers.

    I'm also pretty much as anti-military as they come, but his military background is a huge asset on a political level. He has some questionable positions and is absolutely not my first choice policy wise, but I do really get the sense that he could win, or be extraordinarily useful on the ticket for a better candidate like Warren.
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  15. I'm curious why you disagree! Do you think he's a bad candidate i.e. couldn't win, or you disagree with his policies (which my post said I also do, to a large degree)? Do you see any of my points as valid? (Sorry this is assuming this is in response to my post which it might not be lol).
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  16. "Bernie has sagged in the polls"

    Sanders is still polling higher than Warren and Buttigieg combined.
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