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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Yes, there are plenty (plenty) of non-left-leaning news outlets, and Sinclair is a terror, but are any of these conservative outlets singularly as influential--setting aside Fox News--on national mainstream culture and politics than those sources you just listed? There's a reason every J-school grad jumps at the chance to get a byline in the New York Times, Washington Post, or any number of magazines that cluster the New York or D.C. media scene. They hold outsized influence.

    Local media is a tough nut to crack in study because everything is more fragmented than it has ever been. And rapidly changing. When local news even exists anymore. (Thanks, Facebook.) But it's worth noting that local TV news has not fared well in recent years and continues to decline in ratings. Maybe that's why Sinclair is buying up sports networks now.

    All the same, my point was to say that it's not surprising (to me, anyway) that a national magazine like Time would be supportive. And I really don't think it is. The mainstream magazines we see around us, at the drug store, the supermarket, the doctor's office, etc., are almost always products of people who live in the overwhelmingly Democratic New York and D.C. The National Review sure ain't getting that spot in the checkout aisle where Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone have made a home.
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  2. I really... don’t see the Democrats getting themselves together enough to dethrone Trump in 2020. If the economy stays healthy and this primary gets as nasty as I suspect it will... it’s game over.
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  3. The democrats are having an identity crisis. The republicans were more than happy to drift to the right, the democrats seem unwilling to go to the left. The centre is dead.
  4. LiK


    It's still so early in the election season to say Dems are having an identity crisis, reminds me of the constant "Dems are in disarray" narrative the media tried pushing leading up to the mid-terms.

    The field is crowded at the moment, so of course support within the base is splintered.
  5. I don’t think democratic voters are having an identity crisis. But I think the party officials are having a harder time than ever consolidating the grassroots with their corporate donors.
  6. With the economy doing well and the Mueller Report pretty effectively being swept aside I think we’re toast in 2020.
  7. Warren waited to run because she was literally coming up with a plan for everything.

  8. Good news for now, right? Let's see how the Supreme Court rules on those related gerrymandering cases -- I think their ruling was expected sometime in June. As I recall, courtwatchers thought beer enthusiast Kavanaugh might end up being a swing vote on that one. I don't feel optimistic.
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    The current President of the United States making a horrible spelling error on Twitter and it being reported is not the same as Time Magazine having a presidential candidate on their cover under the headline "first family." One is reporting on an objective fact, the other is projecting an image of Pete as President based on literally nothing. Not the will of the people, certainly.

    And so that's what I mean when I say "disregard for the democratic process." We're told by the media who to like, and their image is purposely softened by parading their spouses or focusing on identity or foreign language ability or other things that have nothing to do with their actual positions.

    And yes, there are politicians who I support like AOC who have been "celebrified" (see her upcoming Netflix special) to a certain extent, but they actually have the policy positions and the popular support underneath that. Conversely, it's when image is used as a facade for politicians who have absolute dust as their policy platform that the "celbrification" of politics starts to erode our democracy. And so in this way, Buttigieg actually shares a lot with Trump.
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  10. Yeah, I saw yesterday on the news that the unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1969. It also seems most people vote based on the economy.
  11. 3Xs


    Yes, unfortunately, most people don't understand economics (I don't blame them) and have been fooled into thinking that high GDP and low unemployment (which doesn't even tell the whole story - "However, the fall was due to a large number of people - 490,000 - leaving the labour force during April") means that they are personally better off.

    If we look at a factor that actually has more of a direct impact on the average person - like wage growth - we see that "the smaller pool of available workers didn’t translate to much higher pay: Workers only got an average hourly pay raise of 6 cents in April. A month earlier, wages rose a meager 4 cents. The new jobs report shows that the US economy is continuing to expand, but without middle- and working-class families seeing much of the benefit."

    Democratic candidates need to stop focusing on the former and strongly emphasize the latter.
  12. Yeah I think we're all going to the Mike Pence Concentration Camp for Girls after Trump gets re-elected in 2020.
  13. The ‘Johnny’ dorm is gonna be a bit litty eh?
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  14. The number of Dems joining the race kinda proves the right's narrative about the "swamp" and career politicians. I mean, Republicans are worse, but...read the room.
  15. I can't wait for the next season of Slasher!
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  16. I still think Trump will lose, his win was by such a small margin in three states that despite a good economy, I think enough will have turned against him and he still loses.

    Still, the trauma of 2016 still lingers.
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    Knocking Down the House is on Netflix now. AOC is such a treasure but all of the four women portrayed would have been great.
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