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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Happy 250 everyone!!
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  2. This #SexStrike twitter trending topic... Alyssa...

  3. Lolll:

    Go head, Miss Gravel.
  4. 3Xs


    Me a page ago: We need to stop dragging the other candidates to focus on the real threat, Biden.

    Me one page later reading Mike Gravel's letter: Yas, kill her!
  5. Me catching up on the stupidity and it's like why not use your fucking platform to advocate donations for groups in Georgia and other states that are fighting this draconian bullshit?
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  6. 3Xs


    Attention Democrats >>>>
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  7. Democrats ignoring Wisconsin's on-the-ground struggles for years really may have lost it for us for years, huh.

  8. 3Xs


    The economic anxieties that ushered in Trump remain largely the same and the person who resided in the White House for those 8 years thinks the winning message is... simply a return to the pre-Trump status quo.

    The Democrats really are fucked.
  9. Me this weekend at a bear pool party heatedly explaining to other queers that they shouldn't vote for Mayor Pete just because he's gay and that Warren has a plan for that and that if they'd like to meet up later I was in Cabin 12.

  10. Oh my God wait you were at this party
  11. Oh were you at Sawmill this past weekend?
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    The literal greatest campaign ad EVER (from 2018):
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  13. Beto: The Reboot


    He's on Rachel Maddow tonight and The View tomorrow. Curious if he'll be able to manage a resurgence--he really fell on his ass after the Vanity Fair thing. I'm all in for Aunt Liz, but I like him and would hear him out if she gets knocked out, especially since he seems to be pushing a climate plan now.
  14. Yes but only for the Sunday afternoon. Happy mother's day etc.
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  15. Oh damn! I left at noon on Sunday because we were all bouncing and I had homework to get done. Let me know next time, you can see me get drunk.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Probably not.

    Also yas at Gravel making 1% in that poll given that the DNC is trying to make it harder for him and Williamson to make it to the debate stage.
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  17. So are Biden and Sanders the only real contenders then? I just can’t see anyone else leaping ahead. I’m palpably scared but a little aroused.
  18. Behold, a new contender.

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  19. The drastically different reactions to AOC's speech from young people versus donut/resistance twitter calling for her to be primaried is so..... oh wow. Older centrist Dems are really going to be in for a surprise come November 2020 if they think young people can be bullied into voting for just anyone.
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