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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  2. Uncle Joe's rhetoric that styles Trump as some aberration that came out of nowhere is so frustrating. Trump is absolutely a product of the Republican party, not some anomaly.

    But, all that said, it might be smart campaigning to say this nonsense. My worry is, he actually believes it.
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  3. This man was Obama’s VP
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  4. Joe Biden is fucking stupid.
  5. He probably does. Biden strikes me more than ever as still being stuck in America as it was when Reagan had his reign of terror. Some of the shit he's saying isn't even lining up with crap he campaigned on in 2008 and 2012, just makes me think even more that Obama and his team definitely propped his ass up in the end and ensured he wasn't being a complete fucking idiot. Let his ass rot from the top spot already.
  6. I can't believe I'm saying this but I will vote for Bernie in a heartbeat if it means we can be rid of Biden.
  7. Ugh. Cancel Alabama.

  8. Where are the lips???

  9. Completely f*ck these evil men and their despicable beliefs/vote, but I can’t wait til we retire the whole “no lips” joke - I don’t care if white people are offended but there are POC and mixed race folks who have thin lips who have to see these kind of comments on Twitter all the time; body shaming for certain features always feels gross. Like - I would get it way more if it was about their actual skin tone being white which directly adds to their privilege, but lots of people have thin lips who don’t deserve to be made to feel
    bad. It’s sorta the same thing with constant small dick jokes, or fat shaming jokes about Trump. Like isn’t their despicable character- or even the thing that affords them their privilege, like their whiteness or maleness - enough of a thing to joke about/criticize instead of a feature anyone could have?

    (I know it was meant to be a joke, maybe I’m doing too much. Again, it’s not about these guys, who I hope rot in hell, but the people who may come across comments like these who are then gonna feel bad about how they look)
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  10. I genuinely cannot even put into words how angry this makes me.

    THEY DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT BABIES. They don't support healthcare, food stamps, basic maternity leave. They don't give a SHIT. They literally only care about controlling women. That's it.

    I am so TIRED of men regulating women's bodies across the world.

    Really interesting how conservatives are against regulating everything (corporations, guns, elections), but weirdly have zero issue regulating women's vaginas.
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  11. Imagine being an old white man and deciding you're going to spend your time forcing rape victims to give birth. Brb going to scream into the void forever
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  13. Alabama is The Handmaid's Tale prequel
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  14. A mess. Sounds like a trojan horse, but conservative dumb dumbs won't fall for it because they're ideologically bankrupt.
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