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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Hell, I hate the way more conservative Dems even use the term identity politics (which, let's face it is, is practically a dog whistle at this point) to discount the very real and meaningful struggles that minorities and the socio-economically oppressed continue to experience today. That whole we'll get to you... one day thing is unsustainable.
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  2. Someboy

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    Ok, sorry to do this again, but Kamala has answered really well on identity politics and how it can be used as a force for good and not dismissed or belittled. Still Team Liz, just noting.
  3. Does anyone still watch Samantha Bee? I thought last week's episode had a good anti Biden segment.
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  4. I forgot that show was even on. She’s so talented though...the PR team need to step it up.
  5. This is what an ally looks like.

  6. So at my second job there’s been over 5k price changes in just two days due to the new tariffs, everyone is bitching about the increases and it’s like wait until the winning continues and the economy ends up truly crashing because of this insanity. Most of us aren’t benefitting from it so come what may I guess.
  7. Biden continuing to surge in the polls has me very worried.
  8. A Trump/Biden race will be a double whammy of stupid. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to withstand it nn.
  9. I...don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to vote for him if he won the nomination? I guess it'll depend on his VP, but what a bleak concept.
  10. I’d have to I suppose but it’d just add to my resentment.

    Also like I really don’t understand how he’s doing so well given he’s pretty much the least electable in the race. Maybe the party knows more about suburban whites than I do. I don’t know.
  11. Yeah I’ll sadly go vote for Biden but it wouldn’t be so bad if the VP choice wasn’t absolutely a lost cause like he is.
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  12. Warren is in double digits now, though. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm choosing to keep the faith.
  13. Oh, I'm still Warren all the way. I want to get her bumper stickers / donate after settling a bit at my new job.
  14. I want Warren or Kamala or Bernie but if I have to vote for Biden, so be fucking it. Trump needs to gtfo at any cost. We need to take the Senate back and keep the House. That is how we get our progressive agenda and this country turned around.

    Another 4 years of Trump will be far too detrimental for this country. He's already done enough.

    I have a family full of Republicans and half of them already have said they'd vote for Biden because he's trustworthy. I don't know how but I'll take their votes and bullshit logic.
  15. When our best option is a moderate Republican posing as a Democrat. God help us.
  16. Beto town hall tonight on CNN. We tuning in?
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  17. This is boring. And my dad is dragging Bernie and stanning Pete.

  18. [​IMG]
  19. Joe Biden is giving me Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Hillary Clinton teas: the eventual loser who their party nominated because they were deemed the most “electable” and “presidential” but excited few people to go vote for them.

    Like, I get the sense that a lot of primary voters are just stupid and think they’re pundits. They often vote thinking they know what a person in a swing state wants instead of simply voting for the candidate that energizes them the most. But the tea is that your own enthusiasm for a candidate and their ideas is also the best indicator of someone else’s, even in a swing state across the country.
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