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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. If it's one thing Republicans do consistently, even though it's a literal nightmare, is they never waver from their message. Kamala is trying to appease too many arguments.

    Our issue is that we on the verge of eating ourselves alive, while Republicans will continue to do what they always do - stay on their message, no matter how corrupt or hateful it is. And they'll win - because their fear mongering is a consistent strategic play.
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  2. Yes. It's not possible to please everyone, and even the most compatible candidate will invariably have areas you disagree with. It's much easier to make peace with that when you know where they actually stand, rather than playing guessing games.
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  3. It's not about electoral politics lmaooooooo
  4. Yes, exactly. I think Liz and Bernie are both pretty solid when it comes to consistent messaging when compared to the rest of the candidates. Dems just need to keep hammering healthcare like they did in the midterms because that really worked.
  5. Consistent messaging only works when your base is ready to hear it. I'm a bit skeptical that, Bernie in particular, is going to really nail it with boomers.

    And remember that fear drives Republicans to the polls en masse.
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  6. Yeah but both of their messaging really resonates within their base just like Trump’s does with his.
  7. Their base. Key point. Trump is THE Republican base. There's no splintering. Even if Trump is the worst possible candidate to represent Republican views, he'll get that vote anyway because that's how this works.

    I just don't see a world where the Democratic boomers will open the door for Bernie, or the polar opposite opening the door for Warren so that they can carry a base like Trump will. In fact, I don't see that happening at all with any candidate unless we can start to take the good with the not-so-good when it comes to the policy spectrum.

    There is a real possibility that petty people will sit this election out because not all the boxes are checked. And that's something Republicans are betting on happening - and will take full advantage of.
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  8. This feels ahistorical.

    It is silly to pretend that there aren't base differences between someone like Romney vs someone like Trump. There isnt a singular Republican base that just eats up all messaging. They very much use a plethora of policies to appeal to different bases. Their policy positions are used to court rich people and then they rely on religiousness and racism to fill in the gaps and doing this allows a workable base even when the parts are at odds with one another.

    Democrats don't have this benefit. Being the party of those in the margins means you cant have a party of the corporatists / suburbanites / professionals and then also the marginalized and disenfranchised when they are at odds and "Republicans are the enemy" doesn't bring them together. Democrats have to choose to let someone go. Some people may think that's progressives. I would gesture to 2016's election results as an example of when Democrats stop prioritizing working class people.
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  9. I think you're being far too generous with the nuisance of the Republican base and their consumption, especially now. Messaging is not going to deter their votes.
  10. This is true, Trump IS basically the Republican Party and they will all vote for him again cause they hate immigrants and want conservative judges. They’ve consistent messaging and are annoyingly good at politics.

    Dems are fighting amongst themselves (and have been for a while) and it’ll be no surprise if Trump wins again, especially with a strong economy.

    I CANNOT at Nancy saying she won’t impeach cause she wants to focus on getting things done. First of all, if Trump is not worth impeaching then literally no one is worth impeaching. Secondly, what is she even getting done right now?!
  11. The economy is already showing signs of slowing down and it hasn’t been benefiting anyone other than the super rich. This isn’t like when the economy was rebounding under Reagan / still expanding under Bush Jr. Healthcare costs are continuing to sky rocket, wages are still mostly stagnant, and people are drowning in student debt. I’m not saying Trump isn’t a threat, but you can’t just say he’ll win the election because the economy is doing great when most voters aren’t experiencing it.
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  12. Yeah I don’t disagree, but he’s still more likely to be re-elected when the economy is good as opposed to bad. Add that to the fact that incumbents often get re-elected, plus Democrats being disorganised and inconsistent messaging...voter suppression etc.

    (Don’t want to be super negative but also preparing myself for the worst...)
  13. Kamala on The View today:

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  14. She was also on The Breakfast Club again:
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  15. I wonder why she keeps visiting that program? The comments and likes/dislikes ratio are overwhelmingly negative. I don’t think TBC’s target demographic would ever vote for her.
  16. But Trump won Wisconsin with less votes than what Romney lost it with.

    And it's not about the nuisances of messaging, it's about understanding that voting is psychological and recognizing that it takes motivation to vote; yes, even with Republicans. Republicans have it easier because racism is an inherently irrational ideology that irons out in many of their voters' minds the contradiction of their messaging vs. their actions and is unfortunately a real motivation for many people.

    Democrats do have it harder, yes, but it is still their responsibility to make people want to vote. They need to realize that actions that center and prioritize rich donors has an extremely different effect on their normal voters than it does when Republicans do it to their voters, aka why I mentioned how the GOP relies on religiousness and racism as motivators.

    Despite it being the go to for Democrats post-Reagan, following Republicans' playbook doesn't work anymore. Different groups have different motivations. The Dems' base can't be distracted like the GOP base can. And 2016 showed us what happens for Dems when blatant contradictions over messaging vs actions that prioritize the rich go unaddressed aka people keep their asses home.
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  17. Once again Democrats shouldn't bother with these people. Should focus on registration and turnout of those who stayed home in 2016 and those who are going to be eligible to vote in 2020 cause it's literally a fucking cult.
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  18. Not to try and steal the good sis Blabby's title as thread psychic, but...

    *has Raven Baxter-style vision*
    *checks feed*

    Not the CBC actually... weaponizing identity against literal children literally in cages while essentially telling a black woman who unseated a 10-term white incumbent to go fuck herself because they couldn't actually address their lack of support for black progressives. I...

    Centrism is a disease!
  19. Lacy Clay's JD-endorsed opponent


    ya she looks russian to me
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