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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. He didn’t support Palin besides recognizing her star quality and it’s a shame that his anti imperialism was more welcome in the libertarian party than the Democratic Party but yes, he was wrong about affirmative action. He’s still more than capable of making some points in 2019.
  2. Sorry, but no. He literally praised her.

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  3. Oof. Didn’t see that. I only saw articles about him calling her policies terrible while praising her distance from the political realm. Even in that article, specific anti-imperialist points are made against both parties and I still welcome those points being made on a national stage with more evolved views on domestic policies.

    I guess he can’t even be an ironic fave anymore! I’m full in on Bernie now.
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  4. Well, at least they are now on the record as putting what’s right ahead of the Party line. Congratulations for the most easily earned cookie in history, I guess?
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  5. The Little Mariannasters are excited for our ascending icon to rip Biden's head off his body next debate after using Dave Rubin's centrist ass for practice.
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  6. Oh lord, he’s awful. Rubin is in bed with the alt-Right. He’s such an idiot.
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  7. The dramatic pause while holding her beverage before the dragging commences... A gay icon.
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  8. Mercy.

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  9. I thought we were the Maristannes
  10. THIS. Yes to all of this.

    The Democrats are looking more and more useless every day.
    There is a racist, sexist, climate change denying, extremely corrupt, dangerous IDIOT in the White House and they're doing basically fuck all. It's mind blowing.

    There is a very real chance that Trump will win 2020 and they'll look even worse.
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  11. Trump calling AOC and company “the four women of the apocalypse” is literally iconic and I hope they wear that name proud and change it to the republican apocalypse.
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  12. AOC has reversed course on her recent comments on not being interested in meeting with Pelosi and has reached out to Pelosi's office to schedule a one-on-one. I hope it's productive. Or, at least that Pelosi isn't dismissive.
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  13. I don't care which side of the political aisle they come from I want all of the bastards who allowed Epstein to prey on young girls for years to go down. Him and R. Kelly can share a cell x
  14. I disagree.
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  15. “Send her back” is the new “lock her up”. How the hell is he getting away with this pure racism, its extreme.

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    “The first black billionaire is endorsing Trump, so HOW can he be racist?”

    Oh my god!
  17. This is why Trump's bullshit strategy works. This voting block doesn't dissent.

    we're doomed gals.
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