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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I’m....uncomfortable with how much influence Kim and Kanye have with Trump. What the fuck is going on.

  2. Has this been posted? She is stellar. Effortless drag, after effortless drag.

    I enjoyed the meme'd aspect of her public profile at first, I still do, but I think she's nearly faultless in the genuine substance, care, and basic logic she brings to the table.
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  3. He is such an moron.
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  5. You'd think at one point that people part of the larger apparatus that make up the political-media complex would realize these bad-faith articles or 'honest mistakes' like MSNBC putting up its 10th incorrect infographic re: Sanders eventually do make people believe the media is out to get him.

    Even people part of Sanders' campaign who want more money are now saying they worry there are essentially moles in his campaign placed there to get stories and whoever helped the WaPo (infamous for publishing 16 negative Sanders stories in 16 hours) craft their smear piece hurt negotiations more than anything.

    Sanders' base is unique in its combination of low-trust working class voters who are inspired by his arguments for material change and high-investment working class voters dedicated to activist political work. The former is incredibly hard to motivate. Sanders can't snap his fingers and make them vote for just anyone. The latter *are* more persuaded by being more likely to vote already, but mass media-coordinated attacks aimed to smear Sanders for uh *checks notes* being open to increasing his field organizers' salary from $36k to $42k won't make them more trustworthy of mainstream media and its love for Dems to Bernie's right. It's like people want Sanders' supporters to say home come November 2020.

  6. Good to hear someone say it.
  7. Why does he then have a centrist platform? I'm kinda more frightened if he genuinely believes in his platform & isn't pandering to moderates.
  8. I really hate WaPo. This Bernie non-story is everywhere nrhrjfnekdn
  9. When is the Diet Coke finally going to kick in and clog up them arteries??
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  10. there has to be a more enticing ending coming for him to not have dropped dead from that diet yet
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  11. Uh oh
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  12. is that not what happened in 2016?
  13. Katy’s jacket looks cute though. (Ddd at her just making up with Taylor and her being associated with this will probably end up igniting another one sided ‘feud’)
  14. So much winning!
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  15. After Trumpettes read this they will declare that 30 miles of fence has been built.
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  16. Glad to see that they reunited the Celebrity Big Brother crew.

  17. “Couldn’t care”, mooch.
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  18. Not a million centrists running for president and polling at 0% yet supposed progressives want the only candidate talking about reparations in explicit policy terms and American foreign policy in Latin America to drop-out. How... telling.


    Dddd the "ha ha" feels so lethal. Scalp her, sis.
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  19. Samantha Bee really showed her ass with that one. Like, lowkey offensive and not even funny. Marianne is amazing because she's pretty much right on the money about almost everything despite being a total kook. We don't live because she's easy to mock; we live because she bucks convention and is an essential voice on the debate stage.
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