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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I found it interesting to discover that the AZ Democrats canceled their primaries in 1996 and 2012. Not that the "you did it first" argument is a worthy one (and I suppose the Arizona Democratic primary isn't hotly contested), but it's not totally unheard of, I guess is what I learned.
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  2. Honestly can someone just kill me at this point. I’ll write a note absolving you.
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  3. Let's have him fight the antisemitic ex-CIA agent running as a Democrat in New Mexico and only the most radical of centrist gets to leave the gauntlet of doom alive.

  4. wehavedecidedtostan.gif
  5. Oh my god.
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  6. Nn fuck. Technically, your mom has to be Jewish for you to be Jewish anyway. A mess.
  7. Nñn I read about her anti-semitic tweets after I posted it. Why is it so hard for politicians to be decent these days.

  8. These girls are messy
  9. As is the case with Trump, one shitty human being is out and an equally as shitty if not worse creature is the replacement
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  10. Good fucking riddance. The entire administration is trash but Bolton in particular is a war hawk, and if anything I hope this minimises the chance of war in Iran.
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  11. I know you can't always tell truth from sarcasm on social, but I recently saw a post by someone who 100% believes that Trump himself turned the hurricane away from Alabama. (One wonders if he is so omnipotent, why he couldn't save any of his multiple failing businesses, but I digress.) It's bad enough I have to work with somebody who thinks Jesus is a white guy from America...
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  13. I mean I know I've bitched Dems better focus on the traditional map they ran on in 2008 but these polls continually coming from Texas are interesting. More sun belt states as predicted by many politicos are becoming competitive but I still don't want resources wasted there if it's not gonna happen yet.

    Watch me this time next year be screaming that Texas, Georgia, and Arizona are definitely in play ddddd

  14. Not super focused on Texas for a general election.

    If Sanders is winning it though, let's look at how he does in the Rust belt. I love that the most leftist candidate is also the most electable. I want Democrats to internalize that message.
  15. The only socialist candidate being the most electable and the new face of the same Democratic Party who has long tried to destroy leftists.... on top of the Democratic Party being forced to recognize that people respond to movements to democratize wealth, justice, and political power....

    We love to see it!!
  16. The polls are all over the place, this cycle, christ on a bike.

    New Hampshire
    Emerson: Biden 24 / Warren 21 / Sanders 13 / Pete 11
    CBS: Warren 27 / Biden 26 / Sanders 25 / Pete 8

    Economist: Biden 26 / Warren 26 / Sanders 16
    Politico: Biden 33 / Sanders 21 / Warren 16
    ABC: Biden 29 / Sanders 19 / Warren 18

    Every poll is an outlier because nothing is consistent. Hopefully people start dropping out and the polling starts to make more sense.
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