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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Yeah there are like 30 percentage points out there that will eventually get split between Biden, Sanders, and Warren. Although, who knows where those votes will go, and timing will be really important given the primary schedule.

    Presumably Warren and Sanders are splitting votes, but Biden is bizarrely the most popular second choice candidate among Bernie supporters (which is a bit *hm interesting* given Bernie’s outsider/radical left appeal).

    My gut tells me Biden’s going to take it, unless Bernie and Warren play a better ground game (which, they are tibbs) and can amass a broader coalition. The elephant in the room to me are black voters. The majority of black voters (or at least those who are polled) are pulling for Biden, which just makes...no sense to me, particularly after Kamala dragged his ass on the debate stage for supporting racist policies.
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  2. Kamala sitting like:
    Came to NowThis to get dragged?!
  3. If Biden gets it, the chances of beating Trump are toast.
    He just can't keep it together and is going to be steamrolled at every turn if he gets the Democratic nomination. He's not going to inspire anyone to go out and vote for him and he's going to make so many gaffes.
  4. That’s definitely the scariest part of Biden winning the nom. Putting aside his history of supporting awful policies and being very centrist/keeping the status quo, he’s completely uninspiring and prone to gaffes. No chance he’d beat Trump.
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  5. Bernie & Biden = Working Claas
    Warren = Professional Managerial Class / Elite Degreed Class / Creative Class / Whatever you wanna call them at this point

    There's basically a very nuanced difference between being working class and being middle class that explains the differences in Bernie & Warren's appeal and bases that makes sense of why Sanders has just as much overlap with Biden as he does Warren.
  6. I can buy the class argument at face value (ideally I'd like to run my own analyses with the data nn), but it's still bizarre to me. 1.) Biden would...not be good for the working class, 2.) Biden is basically what Bernie rails against within the Dem establishment, and 3.) Warren is probably closest to Bernie ideologically and politically on the national stage (i.e. better for the working class than Biden, at least).

    It just don't make sense luv. Maybe Biden is the white working class whisperer after all.

  7. Biden won’t get it because he can’t get 51% of the delegates and Bernie and Warren will team up at the convention (this is what I keep telling myself every time I see another poll with Biden leading).
  8. ...and another two polls came out today:

    New Hampshire
    Boston Herald: Sanders 29 / Biden 21 / Warren 17

    Quinnipiac: Biden 28 / Warren 18 / Sanders 12 / O'Rourke 12

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  9. I would perhaps suggest that Bernie supporters are pragmatic and choose the most "electable" candidate in order to best defeat right wing ideology. Perhaps misguided in Biden's case but it explains why more Bernie supporters supported Hillary in '16 than Hillary supporters supported Obama in '08.

    Unfortunately, if the general election candidate is weak, nothing can make up for that.

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  11. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Biden and Bernie are the two most famous people in the race, that’s why people are inclined to switch between one or the other. It’s about the perception that the two of them are the most capable at beating the incumbent, because Biden was vice-president for the most popular Democratic president alive, and Bernie ran an admirable, value-oriented campaign in 2016, becoming a media sensation.

    Your average person is not as politically engaged in the primaries as we might be in this thread, or as people might be on Twitter. At this point, they’re aware of Warren, but they may not be as inclined toward her, because she’s yet to win anything or have a big, national moment. In fact, her biggest mainstream moments have been blunders regarding her Native American heritage. She’s running a great campaign, but she’s still got hurdles to jump before she can claim the nomination.
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  12. Just after David Koch too, whew we L O V E to see it. Can the fates take Cheney next and make it a fossil fuel trifecta?
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  13. This can be tough to keep up with, and I'm sure someone can find what I'm referencing, but I feel like there's been some polling lately suggesting that Warren has the biggest footprint in the consideration set of voters. Meaning, even though she's usually polling second or third, more voters who are still considering who they want to support in the primary are considering her than any other single candidate.
  14. Yeah, I also started wondering about the demographic characteristics of these Bernie 1/Biden 2 (or Biden 1/Bernie 2) folks. It actually might not be white folks oscillating between the two, especially since Warren's faring worse with people of color. Despite it not making much sense, it could be that white folks are going between Bernie and Warren and people of color are going between Bernie and Biden. Someone remind me to look at this when new ranked choice data comes out.
  15. I was just reading an article in the NYT about the administration planning to ban flavored e-cigarettes, and there is a photo of Dump, Melania, Sec. of HHS and acting FDA commissioner...

    ...and of course, the following paragraph appears:

    The first lady, Melania Trump, also attended the White House meeting. “She’s got a son,” the president said of their teenage child, Barron. “She feels very strongly about it,” he said of Mrs. Trump’s interest in the vaping issue.

    She’s got a son”?!?!?! No, YOU have a son!!!!!
  16. So y'all wanna ban vaping but not guns?
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  17. Something definitely needs to be done with educating kids / teens in regards to the dangers of vaping and I’m glad to see some action taken against it....but I just cannot fathom how they are already banning it after only 6 people have died from it (and most likely knew the risks) while thousands of innocents have died at the hands of gun violence and absolutely nothing has been done.
  19. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It’s not exactly a political risk to take a stand against the tobacco industry in 2019. They lost the PR battle years ago.

    The tide is turning against the Gun PR Lobby, but without a filibuster proof majority or simply without a filibuster could legislation be passed to reflect the public’s will.
  20. I know this is ridiculous, but, man, sometimes we need a little levity.

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