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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I mean, divides are clear in polling.

    Warren is attracting progressives who are often educated, affluent, suburban, and yes, largely white. Kamala's implosion has seen her pick up some support from more affluent voters of color, but even with ingesting a bit of Kamala's base, the divides by class and education still are stark.

    The non-degreed working class breaks for mainly Sanders and Biden.

    And of course it's not just down to policy. Image and branding are sadly important to politics. Biden has crafted himself an image as an everyday man from rural Delaware. This image has been endorsed and enabled by an adoring Obama administration for over 10 years now.

    In contrast, Warren has branded herself as an academic. She's asking the public to trust not that she's authentic or moral enough to help America, but that she's smart enough to do so. This very intentional branding is why Warren has attracted mainly middle class voters who often specialize in things like intellectual labor. They're degree-holding and objectively have very different lived experiences from working class people.

    The advanced degree professor making $80k a year has a very different reality from the Walmart employee making $18k a year. Warren has objectively focused more of her efforts to make in-roads with the former than she has the latter. These differences show in polling & donations.

    I get the initial pushback because it does sound almost demonizing or villainizing. No one is trying to say the upper middle creative class are just as despicable as the 1%. The working class is going to need the professional class as allies to make progress against the billionaire class. But if we truly want to understand why there's certain overlap, we have to be willing to examine the very nuanced differences that do exist between the working class and the middle class.

    The "she's not known enough yet" excuse is very tempting, but largely doesn't hold up under scrutiny. It assumes low interest or low motivation voters are the same as low information voters, while also ignoring that Liz is not really unknown. Tons of polling has her at 91%+ awareness.

    And this truly isn't to slight Liz. What Bernie has achieved is amazingly unique. Most politicians don't ever build the working class coalition he has. Sanders supporters are almost uniquely first-time voters, unlikely voters, formerly disillusioned voters, etc. that only Sanders has been able to reach by massively projecting a working class agenda nationally for years. It'd be almost unfair to expect anyone to build the movement that Sanders has been able to build.
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  2. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/09/12/pete-buttigieg-fundraising-money-pit-228066

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  3. I....should not be laughing as hard as I am about how “Buttigieg milked” his donors.
  4. I’m so excited to vote for her for president.
  5. I’ll donate money in exchange for getting to watch.
  6. My husband David Muir is one of the debate moderators tonight.
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  7. He's just beautiful.

    I'm not watching tonight, I'll just read y'alls reactions instead.
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  8. I'm skipping the Canadian Leaders debate to watch this. In my defense, Trudeau didn't bother to show up to the Canadian one.
  9. @Sanctuary spilled tea. If you look at the intangible differences between Bernie and Liz’s campaigns, it’s not surprising that the former attracts donations from *looks at data* working class people in NYC’s outer-boroughs while the former attracts donations from *looks at data* wine-drinking, armchair progressives with degrees on the Upper West Side. That’s my only significant hang-up about Liz at this point.

    It’s game over though if black voters in the south stick with Biden. Lettuce pray for a takedown tonight.
  10. Heeeere we go

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  11. A dark psychic force is missing from this room tonight.
  12. “Houston, we have a problem.” Oh good lord.
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  13. Amy's right there though.
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  15. One of the most apolitical people I know walked up to an Amy canvasser the other day and told them her campaign is over.
  16. Opening and closing statements are such a snooze. Someone drag Biden already.
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