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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Sis was in the trenches. We need more information!
  2. If I wasn't 100% positive he was a brainwashed CIA operative, I would say one of us must seduce Buttigieg to take down his campaign with our bussies. Get ha in the airport bathroom, ladies.
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  3. Okay but calling a gay mans partner his wife and saying the other gay men were ovulating over him is not a cute look.
  4. We literally just need 1 reckless twink to ruin him. If the gays would stop spending 5 hours a day on Twitter calling Dua Lipa a flop and actually do something productive, socialism would win!
  5. Can we not call men female in an attempt to mock them.
  6. Please do not mention Buttigieg and sex in the same sentence ever again. I have flagged the offending posts.

    Thank you.
  7. Umm... he mentioned playing the part of the “politician’s wife” multiple times. And that’s a quote. I’ll keep it in the post, thanks.
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  8. To be fair, rich gays aren't obsessed with Pete because they're "ovulating". They're obsessed with him because he represents their class interests part of the affluent professional managerial class that prioritizes bosses over workers, landlords over tenants, big insurance over the sick, etc.

    They fawn over him because their class privilege built off the backs of exploited workers makes them feel satisfied through symbolic gestures of liberal identity that won't bother their wallets.

    You just have to look at Pete's track record to recognize he fights in the interest of the ruling class:
    • Against universal healthcare
    • Against higher education as a universal public good
    • Against student debt forgiveness
    • Against medical debt forgiveness
    • ^Explicitly against all of the above because he is against tax hikes on the rich
    • Against universal franchise and giving the incarcerated the right to vote
    • Has spoken out against Chelsea Manning and supported whistleblowers like her being tortured
    • A pro-Israel hardliner
    • Supports GWB-style adventurism and argued it's the moral duty of America to export our values across the world to shape it in our image
    • Expressed frustration on Maddow that he couldn't make conscription legal because he believed it would bring purpose to the working class again and that is why he wants national service to be a cultural norm because he feels the working class is struggling because they lack a cultural bond
    • Part of the McKinsey to CIA spook pipeline and is probably literally a CIA plant
    • Basically made it his mission to gentrify South Bend with, in his own words, the goal of making it a rich white college town reliant on the economy of Notre Dame, which expands into such an awful long laundry list of foul actions that include demolishing poor people's homes, tearing down areas where homeless people slept yet then doing nothing when a day center that homeless people used got closed down, modern segregation and the resource disparities that follow, being conned by the police unit into firing the sole black police chief through a secret plot with his high-profile donors, etc.
    • Supported religious exceptions for vaccines until receiving major backlash
    • Referred to small-dollar donations and grassroot movements as "pocket change"
    • Referred to labor activists as "social justice warriors".
    • Referred to political protests like protesting Chick-Fil-A as a form of "virtue signaling"
    Much like Trump, Pete is the product of an ideology that is dying and trying to make its last stand.

    Ovulation is a natural human process. The greed of capitalism is not! ddd
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  9. I may copy and paste this to ALL of my white gay friends (a number of whom work in consulting) who are low key supporting him. I get the "Oh I like his policies", "he's gay and has a husband", "he's electable / super smart", "we can't afford M4A; who pays for it??" arguments. Umm I don't know, who the fuck pays for M4A in the rest of the world. One of them in particular lives in a deep Red state solely because of the low taxes and commutes via flying every week, but still identifies as super liberal and doesn't see the disconnect.
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  10. I’d ask if he’s seen the last 9 years of GOP polarization but he was probably comatose for most of it....

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  12. Why am I not surprised.
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    (The fact that this works out to be $57,575 a year.....literally fuck Pete for making a big deal out of this when he won’t disclose 3 years of his very short career - I hope it backfires so badly for him)
  14. I saw some tea on Twitter from someone who worked at McKinsey at the time Pete did and apparently Pete worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan and was in charge of “trimming the fat” considering back in 2007 they were struggling. I can’t find the thread now or I’d post it but lemme just say I’m glad vetting is happening and he’s being exposed for the fraud he is from all angles.
  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Reading through the cases and seeing that most of them were in line with the principles Liz espouses to this day- I don’t think Pete did what he thought he did.

  16. How strange that this never came out until now!!!
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