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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Honestly Pete’s inability to hide his rage when he is confronted is kind of scary.
  2. I guess he and straight white men have that in common

  3. Let’s start voting already!
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  5. The arrogance. Imagine being so out of touch you think this is an acceptable response to public concern.
  6. I need fewer candidates and fewer debates.

    All clowns apart from Bernie and even Liz can be a half clown at times
  7. Can Bernie win omfggggg I need the #StillWithHer cretins to be vanquished
  8. Annoyed me that Bernie and Liz didn’t bother pointing out that Billionaires don’t send their kids to public colleges and won’t start just for the discount.

    It’s a stupid point the moderates were making and Bernadette and Lester really didn’t effectively shut it down.
  9. Plot twist:

    Turns out Sanders supporters are the least likely to support Trump.
  10. I thought that was the best debate so far and everyone did pretty well.
  11. Oh fuck off

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  12. 3Xs


    Thankfully our class allies are already gathering her ass in the replies

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  13. Jane Lynch is literally a clown who can only play one character and she is best known for a show that is aging like goat milk.
  14. She tweeted & deleted this too apparently.
  16. Miss Lynch does have this (maybe singular) brilliance to ha name:

    But rich white clowns be clowns.

    *prays fervently for Catherine O'Hara and Jennifer Coolidge to be immune from the clownery*
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