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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Me when Bloomberg used his Scrooge McDuck treasure vault to finally make our alma mater need-blind & increase the generosity of our financial aid packages, dramatically increasing the % of students coming from lower middle class & working class backgrounds:


    Me when Bloomberg used his Scrooge McDuck treasure vault to buy the primary:

  2. YouGov and Morning Consult are also online, to clarify.
    It's a pretty mundane sampling. People will decry the influence of independents, but each pollster has its own bias and the key is to compare the trend amongst the pollster itself.

    Knowing how lots of independents in America vote, it's not shocking how an increase in coverage for Joe Biden's desire cut Social Security and Warren's... whatever she was trying to do sees such a change.

    For example, it won't be shocking if YouGov, another online poll, sees an increase in Warren this week given that it oddly, for some reason, significantly oversamples Hillary Clinton voters of all things. The bad part of that though, if she does gain in it, is that YouGov has had Warren significantly higher than her national polling average all election cycle and even showed her gaining while the national trend was her collapsing ddd.

    The poll mainly reiterates something fairly well-known - that these kind of strategies tailor-made to win the Democratic primary by galvanizing certain key sections of the diehard Democratic base are more-often-than-not toxic to how independents view Democrats.
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  3. I think part of Bernie's strength with independents is that he identifies as an independent himself. He's not formally associated with the Democratic party or brand, so it allows him to reach voters who otherwise might not be turned off by the Democrats but are interested in progressive policies

    It's part of a strong case why he'd be the most electable candidate.

  4. One for the ages
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  5. Seeing him type in all caps that he got impeached.....DELICIOUS.
  6. Taylor Swift could redeem herself if she campaigned and successfully got Kelly to unseat McSally
  7. I'm backing Bernie, but Warren somehow edged him when I did the quiz.
  8. McSally feels threatened and is trying to push herself into the Trumpster fray. If you saw her talking about the situation on Fox News last night, it’s so obvious she’s grifting. She knows Mark Kelly is close to snatching her wig and she hopes making an appeal to the national Trump base will save her ass.
  9. I don't totally get how this is incoherent since she's treating racial prejudice as a bug rather than a feature of a system she, I guess, believes in to some degree. I don't agree (and "racially tinged" is...a laugh), but her point is coherent. Bernie tends to take the same position too (re: life in jail as a greater punishment).

    Is the alternative rehabilitation-only? Not trying to be shady, just curious what that would look like.
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  10. That stupid poll had Warren, Klobuchar and Buttigieg as my top candidates. On what fucking earth?
  11. Love choice! Freedom! America!
  12. TBH some of the questions and answer options were a little poorly structured
  13. Leaving someone to die in prison because they'll suffer more for their crime is not any more humane than capital punishment, and that's where the line of thinking is incoherent for me. I appreciate anyone opposing the death penalty, but that justification is weird to me. In Spain, someone might only spend 10 to 15 years in prison for homicide – because they actually focus on rehabilitation.

    The alternative doesn't have to be rehabilitation only, but if we could focus on rehabilitation at all in this country, that would be great. As it is now, our prisons are too motivated by profit (private prisons, prison labor aka slavery). Focusing on mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex and actually restoring humanity (and voting rights!) to prisoners is a start. Maybe we could close prisons because we don't have enough bodies to fill them a la the Netherlands!

    A long term goal would obviously be the abolition of prisons, but our country and culture are clearly not there yet. I'm glad Bernie and Liz both advocate criminal justice and police reform. I'm also glad that Bernie supports restoring voting rights to all prisoners even while incarcerated. I hope it's just the start.
  14. Thank you! The point about rehabilitation at all is helpful to me (and I agree since there's virtually none at the moment). I figured the alternative was rehab-only, and then I get hung up on what to do with the D*lan Ro*fs of the world, even though people like him probably make up only a one hundredth of a percent of the full prison population.
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