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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I am still chuckling to myself over the revelation that this Lev Parnas character, who Trump says he does not know, WORKED FOR FRED TRUMP DURING THE SAME TIME PERIOD AS DID HIS SON DONALD.
    But yeah. Impossible. Never met the guy.

  3. I love how right-wingers always are concerned about sexism when it comes to the likes of Sarah Palin and Martha McSally, but deny it exists for any other woman or that it is an issue in society.

    Like how they love to accuse every woman in the #metoo movement of being liars.

    I'll be voting for Kelly. I don't see McSally winning, she's too flighty, and AZ voters know it.
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  4. The lengths Ryan Grim goes in order to frame Warren basically recanting the story to as many people as possible who would listen for a year as somehow not making her at fault at all for it getting out... ddddd. Sis. The stannery. I've followed Ryan all election season and he genuinely likes both Bernie & Liz (with a slight bias for the latter), but it's time to let this unity ticket dream go.

    Their paths are not some destined intertwining. They are/were friendly colleagues with a nice handful of similar goals - more than most soulless political ghouls in DC - but they didn't even spend 2016 on the same path. Warren refused to endorse Bernie and was focused more on getting her hands on the levers of a future Clinton administration, while Bernie was busy movement-building across the country.

    At this point, Warren's camp has been entirely too antagonistic to Bernie's to ever entertain any kind of VP position. Let alone, outside of everything, she actually wouldn't bring much to a Bernie ticket. Sanders struggles with 65+s and someone like Barbara Lee feels like a solid obvious choice at this point.

  5. The fact I thought this was legit nñ
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  6. Meanwhile me at my fundraiser for Bernadette

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  7. The "Joe wants to cut Social Security" push finally making sound in the real world despite Bernie's campaign being the only one willing to push it and actually challenge the frontrunner, and Biden responding to it poorly as expected:

    Hopefully this catches on fire soon now that Joe is engaging in a dispute about it and the media can stop having on "body language experts" to demonize Bernie.
  8. So happy to see Jayapal endorse Bernie. She’ll be instrumental in getting M4A passed in the House should he be President.
  9. Nn yas focus on small individual contributions!


  10. This will always be the problem in trying to frame her as part of the same progressive wing as Sanders. She continually shows herself averse to butting heads with the establishment when it is not politically advantageous for her.

    She refused to endorse Bernie in 2016 because she thought loyalty to Clinton and advising her behind the scenes, as she was doing, would land her influence in an 'inevitable' Clinton administration.

    She won't help knock Joe down on the most substantial issue in his policy record because the establishment currently has her side over Bernie right now and it's not in her favor to knock at them.
  11. Not sure how Warren expects to win if she doesn’t start hitting Biden. Social security expansion is a big part of her platform; she even has an online calculator that estimates your benefit increase under her plan. It should be a no brainer to call him out on this issue.
  12. Every Democrat's focus should be on trying to take down Biden. I really have no time for any candidate that isn't trying to destroy his campaign.
  13. He’s still the front runner and they probably want a spot in his administration.
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  14. Are we getting a Biden/Warren ticket?
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