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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Tea. If she loses the early states, she should drop out.
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  2. Bernie closing the gap with Biden by 3 (Biden -1, Bernie +2) in new Emerson poll.
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  3. Sorry, this is incredibly unfair. If Bernie was encouraged to stay in through the entire 2016 primary, after losing 3 of the early states, being blown out on Super Tuesday, then again in the states preceding Michigan, and continued to be encouraged to stay in after New York where it became essentially impossible for him to win the nomination, Elizabeth Warren is more than entitled to stay in and have her message heard through the primary process. I'd hope she kept it focused on her platform and avoided attacking any of the candidates, though.
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  4. This year is a completely different context though. Everyone thought Hillary would win in 2016, so at most Bernie was just an annoying thorn in her side. Not to mention they were the only two candidates.

    Liz, Pete, and Amy should all drop out if they lose the early states. Let it be a race between the top two candidates (consistently in both state and national polls) without any vote splitting (also, like, all of them dropping out could hurt Bernie so I’m not even saying this out of personal interest). If Liz is consistently 2nd in early states, then she can stay till Super Tuesday.
  5. I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying but I don't think the situations are comparable. With Bernie vs Hillary there were two clear options with very different ideas. In 2020 we're at risk of Warren (who, by the way, is who I'd vote for) stealing votes from someone who has a similar platform at the expense of neither getting the nomination, and if that's the case wouldn't it be better for her to drop early and avoid Biden winning? That is the scenario I struggle with.
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  6. Ain't fun when the shoe's on the other foot now, sis?

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  7. ALSO, just to correct the record, framing Bernie as "losing 3 of the early states" is.... terribly misleading and disingenuous.

    He snatched significant number of delegates in both Iowa and Nevada, on top of winning the bulk's worth of New Hampshire. He even walked away from SC with some delegates.

    Recent polling shows the possibility of Warren walking away from New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina with 0 delegates combined and there's no real polling showing any kind of huge win in Iowa that would be necessary to push her back-up to viability in all 3 states.

    I'm not one to vote shame - I'm a dirty commie! It's just a bit disingenuous to try and compare the ideological warfare that was Sanders vs Hillary as being similar in urgency to really being committed to the sole candidate offering *checks notes* progressive-y politics with an unusual focus on not at all raising taxes on the vulnerable demographic of people who make more than $75,000/yr but less than $10M/yr.
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  8. Bernie and Biden are literally the only two I'm paying attention to anymore. Everything else is noise for the echo chamber. Warren's meter settling on center-left? Okay. Buttigieg found being a weasel again? Uh huh. Yang? Nah. The way Bernie and Biden are going at it over Social Security cuts – coupled with Trump's opportunistic insistence that Dems will cut Social Security and that he would never (an already failed 2016 campaign promise) – makes it clear that the 2020 general election is currently a three-person race. As Bernie continues to surge, and given the circumstances, I think the responsible thing to do is coalesce around Bernie. It's also a completely different scenario from Hillary in 2016 because this is a candidate that a broad coalition of independent, first-time, and millions of Dems voters are actually excited to vote for! Imagine...
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  9. I can't wait until this primary is over.
  10. Jesus Christ we’ve just had this discussion three times now.

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  11. New Chegg poll of college students:

  12. This is a god test.

  13. Nn I fucking can't. I'll take it if it means socialism and the end of Trump. Good god.
  14. The YangGang can't be serious with this.

    Also just saw this while looking through the hashtag. Kinda supports what I was saying/thinking a week or so ago about a large proportion of Bernie voters likely sitting out if he's not the nominee (since we know they're very unlikely to vote for Trump instead). Interesting to see Warren and Pete's "Yes" numbers so high. My interpretation is their supporters are the most "true Blue"/"establishment" and will vote Dem no matter what. The ~10% who are unsure line up with the ~10% of their voters who said they'd vote for Trump if not Liz/Pete, so the numbers check out.

    All this to say, a huge proportion of Bernie's supporters will sit out if he's not the nominee and Liz and Pete's supporters are going to vote Dem no matter what. That makes a very good case for Bernie as the nominee, especially since we also know he polls well with independents and people who typically don't vote.

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  15. EXCLUSIVE!!!!!*

    *probably just handed to us by the Biden campaign and we ran it without another thought
  16. Bernie's youth numbers are great, obviously, but we need the girls to actually vote I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_. Let's hope they turn out for him.
  17. Ms Someone Else is coming to SNATCH
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