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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. As I've said, Warren staying in the race and scamming moderates from Pete and Amy who would've otherwise gone to Joe will do nothing but help Bernie. When she fails to reach viability this Tuesday in a bunch of counties in California and Texas, I'll be shocked if she doesn't realize her goose is cooked and drop out as soon as she has the chance to kamikaze herself into Bloomberg.

    Now, if she doesn't drop out by the end of the week (assuming the polls are accurate), then I'll be calling for her to drop out just like I did with Bernie in 2016 when it became clear after a complete rout in Florida/the other March 15 states that it was pointless staying in.

    Until then, I have no issue with her and her non-viability in most states staying in as a message candidate, stealing the suburbs from Joe and Bloomberg, and paving the way for Bernie to grab the nomination. Her dropping out now will do more harm than good to Bernie; half of her current supporters will go to Bernie, and the other half plus whatever moderate defectors she picks up from Pete and Amy will have nowhere on the left to run, and they're going to run to Biden.
  2. She literally has no message. She is not a message candidate. She is not offering anything no other candidates aren't. Her policies being worse is why her staying in is so offensive.
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  3. She has the most comprehensive and progressive plan on bankruptcy reform and consumer finance reform (admittedly, her area of expertise), she is the only candidate pushing for a ban on the filibuster, she has an extremely detailed and nuanced plan to address structural inequities, particularly around affordable housing in communities of color (rather than viewing it with a colorblind lens), and she has done more to systematically dismantle Bloomberg and than any other candidate.

    Everyone seems to be focusing on her plan to transition to Medicare for All--the second most progressive platform in the race and something that should be examined and criticized (both her own and Bernie's transition plans are weak at best)--that it's blinding people to the fact that she is easily in the top 5 most Progressive senators, the second most progressive person in the race (probably since the race began), and has appeal to a group of people that Bernie hasn't been able to reach.

    Personal attacks on her, calling her 'phony', a Republican, and basically asking for her head is not doing anyone any good.
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  4. Get the guillotine out of the shed!
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  5. preparing for super Tuesday like

  6. i just can't -

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  7. I keep getting texts from Warren volunteers and I'm centimeters from popping off nn. That $3 donation was a mistake.
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  8. I hate the Democratic Party, I hate Warren for not dropping out before Super Tuesday and I hate that we continue to exist in a world in which someone like Bernie is considered to be some crazed radical just because he believes we all should not have to bankrupt ourselves for basic human necessities like a roof over our heads, utilities and healthcare.

    Fuck absolutely everything about this god awful planet.
  9. Do I support Miss Sanctuary and root for Bernie to win so she can keep her mental health or root for the bitch in me that loves drama and mess....?

  10. Update on FiveThirtyEight after today's shakeups

    Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 3.52.09 PM.png

    lord help us all

    Warren drop out challenge
  11. Warren ended another man's career

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  12. Girl, shut up.
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  13. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I wouldn’t say Sanctuary and I see eye to eye often, but we can all see how personal this primary has been for them, and we shouldn’t mock someone’s emotional response to the day’s news.

    So, yeah, I’m with Rainbow on this one, and it’s also a prime example of what I said this morning about reading your posts over and asking if it should really be posted.
  14. Trump literally just made fun of this at a rally and this is what's going to happen. The Democratic Party are making it EASY for Trump.
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  15. I put on an Oscar winning sob story performance for my family about my medical bills and now there will be 6 Bernie voters in Texas tomorrow that didn’t vote in the 2016 primary (that includes me).

    Turning ANGER into ACTION, you love to do it.
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  16. So I barely post, but I check this thread everyday and follow US politics closely.

    And after last week had me full of hope for real change in America, I begin this week with despair.

    Truly, the system is rigged and broken. It’s so obvious. The country is broken. Just everything is so far gone.

    I really feel like a new party has to be formed, because it’s clear the Democratic Party does not welcome progressivism at all. The two party system is a horrible machine that eats people and spits them back out as much worse people than they were before.

    I’m so, so tired of it, and it makes me never want to move back home. If I have great cheap public healthcare in another country with great public transportation where guns are banned, why would I ever move back home?

    I miss home so much everyday, but this is seeming like it’s sealing the deal for me that I won’t be able to go back for good and I’m stuck here forever.

    Sorry if this is all dramatic or anything, I just was so hopeful with Bernie. And I know it’s not over yet, but even just the dropping out and coalescing around Biden makes me so...just...enraged.
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  17. I’m early voting for Bernie tomorrow in Georgia and commanded my parents to do the same.
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  18. Hillary's checks must have all cleared huh
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