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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Is there any info about the republican primaries? I remember a few primaries ago somebody posted info that indicated trump might be losing votes amongst republicans based on the primaries.
  2. Looks like Colorado is a cruise for Bernie not sure why it wasnt insta-called.

    Edit: He just got it via NBC.
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  3. Chuck Todd needs to stop shouting over women. Is tonight good or bad for Bernie? I'm finding it hard to actually work out because of the spin they're putting on it.

  4. In subsequent news, it seems Warren has just at-the-same time announced she'll be releasing a special campaign video with all the reasons why Bernie Sanders is a treacherous communist set to the song "The Man" by Taylor Swift.
  5. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Minnesota to Biden.
  6. I just saw that Sanders's worst area in Minnesota was in the Twin-Cities and it's not looking much better elsewhere. Was Amy going around beating voters today with staplers to make it happen?
  7. Nevermind now.
  8. Clyburn: "Nobody wants anything for free."

    You're right, I want to shell out $50 each time I walk into the offices of the 3-6 doctors offices I have to frequent every month because of my health and then get bills on top of it if the doctors even runs the most minor procedure or test.
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  9. I just do not understand. Shocking.
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  10. @Jwentz found torching Staples stores
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  11. A nightmare.

    Literally a nightmare.
  12. Biden MIGHT win Massachusetts AND Maine. That's CRAZY.
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  13. Further indication that California needs to secede. Who the FUCK is out here voting for this senile old man smh.
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  14. Bernie losing Maine is going to be down to Warren sticking this out.

    I’m praying he comes though in Maine, Texas and by a huge majority in California.
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  15. Biden swooping in on Mass and MN really shows how perfectly timed this weeks gamble was. They really couldn’t have pulled it off better.
  16. Can someone savvy explain to me...

    When I looked at the projections just now, NYT is predicting Biden with 620 delegates (42% share) and Sanders with 574 (38% share).

    Yes, 42% is a higher share than 38%. How much of a “Super Tuesday Win” really is that though? It just seems like the press have their fingers hovering over the Publish key for their “BIDEN DOMINATES” pieces, but 46 delegates’ difference = “dominates”?
  17. It's quite a political fete, unfortunately to the detriment of Bernie.

    I also think it's safe to say that Bernie will win Texas.
  18. Biden had NOTHING a week and a half ago. He's now got his foot on Bernie's neck, when Bernie was predicted to walk Super Tuesday. That is huge.
  19. M24


    Hey, all! As a non-American, I have to wonder... Does Bernie really stand a chance against Trump? Don't get me wrong, Biden seems to be a continuation of Obama's moderate policies, so I'd be pleased for you guys if you could have a more progressive president.

    Having said that, isn't the average American very anti-socialist and anti-taxes? How could Bernie possibly get independents and apoliticals to vote for him? I just can't see it, but maybe I don't know enough about US politics.
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  20. Cisneros is projected to be defeated by the incumbent in Texas.
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