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This campaign has made me realize that progressives need to message better. Ultimately, I don't think Bernie would have survived the moderate and establishment consolidation no matter what he did, but I became very frustrated with the buzz words like "revolution" and "we are fighting the political establishment." The latter is true, but I'm not sure how many voters actually give a fuck about that kind of rhetoric. I think Bernie needed to do a better job of zooming in and talking about the practicality of progressivism. He talks in such broad strokes that people mistakenly think that his policies are pie in the sky when that's not really true.

I always have nagging doubts about how much Bernie wanted to win, given his refusal to adjust. And that's a problem to me. I'm incredibly frustrated with the left not taking the politics part of activism seriously.
Voters do like that rhetoric... when it aligns with a simple, rose-tinted, (xenophobic) solution. See: “build the wall”.
So I read this thread all the time but I'm from the UK so I'm by no means an expert, I just have a keen interest. My biggest question is what is Biden offering that Trump isn't? Apart from the nostalgia of him being Obama's BFFL and being "AnYoNe BuT tRuMp!1!", I imagine he's creating a huge amount of apathy in would be Democrat voters (and you could certainly never accuse Trump of making people apathetic). My worry is that a lot of people will sit this one out because Biden isn't actually offering anything. Let me know your thoughts!
Young people not showing up to vote is equal parts infuriating, disappointing, but also understandable, in a way. The system has clearly failed future generations and many are apathetic and disheartened for good reason. Still, this would have had a different result, I'm sure of it, if more people under 40 had turned out to vote. Especially compared to 2016.
So this thread reopens, the same relentless trolls reappear, yet y'all get mad at @Sanctuary for referencing a meme? Simmer down. If you don't like something don't reply to it.
This has been happening the entire thread and it’s like PopJustice’s own little version of the media created Bernie bro narrative. I’m annoyed that the mods bought into it but I hope @Sanctuary keeps speaking truth.

I feel bad for Elizabeth Warren supporters who bought into her bullshit, but mostly I feel bad for poor people and young people, whose votes have been suppressed. I feel bad for the marginalized people who have been targeted and harmed by Trump’s rhetoric the most— the people whose choice for president HAD to be stopped by a consolidation of the political and consultant class in concert with a consent manufacturing media simply because that president would have raised taxes on their corporate owners ever so slightly so that everyone in this country might have healthcare.

But anyway:

Vote for Bernie! xoxoxo
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What's so frustrating is while I don't agree with it at all, I can at least sort of understand a lot of Democrats logic for voting for a 'moderate' or whatever. But fucking BIDEN?! Like, he is terrible at debating, old as shit, has dementia, tells voters on the street NOT to vote for him, and stands for nothing.

What a fucking mess. Unless there's a major recession (possible, to be fair), I can see Trump walking this.
3X’s, your post really resonated with me to the point where I feel like I must once again (in a rare occurrence) share my feelings.

I myself also feel no reason to vote come November, as irresponsible and petty as that may sound. But as others have pointed out, why would I? Under Trump and Biden things would be the same for my life. I would still not be able to have affordable health care. I still would have years of student loan debt to pay off. I still would live in fear of getting shot every time I go outside. And neither candidate would work to promote racial and gender equality in American society. The only people who benefit are the members of the upper class who use me and other young people as gears in their money generating machines. Sending us into debt for basic necessities. Abusing and overworking us. Calling us entitled when we ask for things that are basic rights in other countries.

Some of you may recall that in my other post I wrote about how I currently live outside the US, and as difficult as it is to be away from family, friends, and a culture I can relate to, being able to go to the doctor and pay less than 10 dollars is amazing. Having access to fantastic public transportation is amazing. And being able to go anywhere at anytime and never worry about someone going on a rampage with a gun is amazing. These are all things I really want to fight for in America, but I give up. Nothing I do or say matters to the people running the parties, they just want me to work and make money for them:

You know, it’s so funny that in the country I’m living in now, I am very much a minority and the more xenophobic part of the right wing party would probably want to kick me out, but I still feel more taken care of and cared for by the government here than in my own country.

And that is truly saddening to realize and say.


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It's a bleak day and I have two main takeaways.

One is that if Biden wins that'll be better for the country, but awful for the Progressive movement. If Tr*mp wins it'll be worse for everything, but great for the Progressive movement. I can't help but feel a lose-lose in my heart.

Two is ...

Guess it eventually really is over.


Two (counter-)arguments for voting for Biden: 1) 4 more years of Trump-appointed judges will have disastrous long-term effects that even a future progressive government would be unable to fix, 2) the progressive movement has a better chance of moving Biden and a Democrat-majority Congress left than Trump and a Republican-majority Congress.

These aren’t iron-clad, of course, but they are worth seriously considering.
The last 4 posts are the most sense I've read all day.

The false equivalency between Biden and Trump is so intellectually dishonest.

Biden is far from perfect but he will move moderately to the left, will halt the Supreme Courts hijacking, improve if not revolutionise health care, the same on environment, guns, income inequality, immigration, student loans etc etc etc especially if progressives keep the pressure on.

Trump will do none of those things and will in fact do the exact opposite.

Getting 50% (or 20) of what you want is a damn sight better than getting 100% of what you don't want.

Beating Trump should be the only consideration and then building on whatever Biden does. Sulking on the sidelines is not going to help anyone get anything they claim to want.

Can we please stop telling people that not voting because they’ve been betrayed and disenfranchised by the establishment that they’re “sulking” or sore losers. You get back to them when you’ve had your only hope of healthcare or clearing your student debt taken away from you. Stop expecting people to get out and vote for your preferred choice when your preferred choice does absolutely nothing to respect them or their ideology.
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