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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren is a race-faking loser [1] who spent her lifetime as a politically actively Republican trying to stop liberal curriculums from being rolled out where she worked [2], blocking acclaimed feminists from becoming tenured professors [3], knowingly parading herself around Harvard as a Native American while being fully aware that the university was under scrutiny from Derrick Bell for having no female professors of color [4], helping corporations as a lawyer to limit payouts to victims despite having no financial need to do corporate legal work as a highly-paid professor [5], all on top of promoting one-drop race science [6], and she will be remembered as working to undo the efforts of the progressive movement, not working alongside it.

    Anyway hope Daddy Bernie torpedos Biden at the debate and then runs third-party!
  2. Bernie knows Democrats winning in November is more important than anything else in this election, so he would never do this (in my opinion).
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  3. I love you.
  4. I will not be responding to a select group of users from now to ensure no one can weaponize people's confidence against those of us with a forward tone, so I have not read your post, have no clue what it says, and will simply let you know that I am watching this Bon Appétit video as I change my registration in New Jersey from Democrat to unaffiliated.

  5. Well... it's over.
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  6. God truly hates us.
  7. Warren's supporters flipping to Biden based on very early data.
  8. Bernie gets shafted again. I can't.
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  9. Percentage of young voters has gone down in both states that have been called. Bernie's expansion of electorate is not going to happen, quite the opposite it is Joe who is getting the vote out.

    Florida is predicted to be a blowout next week which has me thinking that as Hillary only lost by 1.2%, Bill Nelson 2018 senate race by .03 and Andrew Gillam by only 0.4 all the Republican vote rigging and suppression of Black vote may not be enough this time.
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  10. Biden losing working class white men to Bernie in yet another state.

    Joe's actual chances of beating Trump come November resting on the literal shoulders of Alexis, Tabatha, Sabrina, Taylee, McKarty, Nayvie, Maylee AND Lakynn.
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  11. Do you have this data? Can you post it?
  12. Nobody had been shafted. Bernie's problem is voters are just not that into him

  13. The DNC won I guess. I hope the #NotMyPresident brigade enjoys their senile creep.
  14. AP just called Michigan for Biden...

    I can’t. It’s over girls.
  15. It's from the New York Times' exit poll:

    It's behind a paywall but I think the NY Times is easy to get around.

    He lost white men with degrees and white men without degrees, unmarried men, independents, people under 50, and households under $50k.

    Highly educated white women, your time is now!
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  16. Thanks! I hadn't seen the NYT exit polls yet.
  17. Black voters being erased in this thread as usual.
  18. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ this isn't it. Oh my god. We've been back online for literally only hours.
  19. The "Biden's base is college educated white women" narrative isn't it either. I don't think anybody's trying to erase black voters but that's kind of the end result of that sort of framing.
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