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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Brainwashed.
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  2. Let's see the approval numbers after Miss Covid knocks on the door of all the old hags who think Trump is keeping them safe with his Wal-Mart drive-thru testing.
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  3. This $850 billion bailout's got me fucked up. The money is always there people. They just refuse to spend it on a Medicare for All, cancelling student loan debt, reparations, a Green New Deal, etc.
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  4. When do I receive my measly CHECK
  5. Two weeks
  6. I just laugh at talk of a payroll tax cut, it does nothing for people who've lost their jobs and also cuts vital funds for Social Security and Medicare. Give us the damn $1000 checks.
  7. Republicans running to the left of Democrats on UBI.

    Kamala's plan of "up to $500" being more conservative than Romney's.

    We're gonna die.
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  8. Interesting that Gabbard isn’t receiving a fraction of the hate that was thrown at Warren for not dropping out.
  9. Sis, because 99% of the people who already hate her 1) hate Bernie 2) hate her for thinking she's a Russian spy.

    Part of me feels you're not exactly cavorting around with people who like Tulsi to gauge this accurately!
  10. Tulsi is at 3% - she's not deciding this race for anyone.
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  11. Gabbard has been a non-factor this entire election outside of like 1 notable debate performance and the weirdo conservatives who she gained online fame with. Her 2 voters can do whatever they please for all I care.
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  12. Kamala's plan isn't UBI, it's a monthly tax refund that she proposed years ago. She's just being an opportunist promoting it at this moment when it wouldn't even apply to people without income.

    Also, Romney's plan is a one time payment that's less generous than what Adam Schiff proposed yesterday and what Joe Kennedy proposed today.
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  13. Kopmala shoulda sat there and ate her food.
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  14. this woman is a JOKE.
  15. Cutting a check is an incredibly inefficient use of money given that there's nowhere to spend it. The money should be going towards unemployment, mandatory paid sick leave, funding to make all treatments (not just testing) free, expanding SNAP benefits, and freezing rent/mortgage/utility payments.
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  16. Selfishly I'd gladly take a $1k check, but it doesn't make much sense considering the wild variation in cost of living throughout the country. That'd pay off a couple months of rent in my hometown, but less than half of my monthly rent in New York. A freeze on rent, mortgages, and utilities probably makes the most sense, for businesses too. Plus all the other benefits I don't know too much about.
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  17. But you just outlined how the money would be spent dd. Food, medicine, housing, etc. Giving people cash to use at their discretion seems like the more efficient thing to do in an emergency situation. It circumvents the typical bureaucracy and red tape preventing anyone in need of funds from receiving them. I do think suspending rent/mortgage/utility/student debt payment should be done though.
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  18. You mean we are in the middle of a pandemic and Kopmala can't even think big enough to do UBI and instead is insulting with a tax refund??

    Oh jesus both ends of the Biden-Harris ticket have worms for brains. Help us all.
  19. Like @theelusivechanteuse pointed out, costs of living varies wildly in the US, a check for $1000 will do almost literally nothing in NYC or San Francisco--a family of four can buy food for a couple of months, and have nothing left over. Meanwhile, if you suspend rental payments for even one month, you're looking at double the return (at a minimum). Utility bills will be astronomically higher because people are spending every waking moment at home.

    We can't just throw money at a problem an expect people to use it how we would. Many of the poor and working poor have never been taught financial literacy or had financial stability in their life--they've never been taught to budget and they've never been taught to manage a windfall of money; because of their financial insecurity has never afforded them the opportunity to save, they're not going to. If we want to toss money around, we need to address the structural issues first, otherwise this is just another form of corporate welfare.
  20. It’s an emergency. People are logical and know how to budget in an emergency. Poor people aren’t dumb, that’s a Republican talking point.

    Rental payments/student loan payments/medical debt etc. need to be suspended in addition to cash income support.

    Personally my dumb ass is annoyed because I was supposed to start a new job at a school yesterday. If I stayed at my old job I’d have paid sick leave but now ddd....it sucks. Throwing money at the problem works when the problem is literally a lack of money.
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